Im Looking for something in RED!!  

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11/12/2005 8:49 am

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Im Looking for something in RED!!

One evening I come home from work to find my sis sitting there by my computer in her bra and undies.. What a site.. (too bad im not into my sis) She had been to the store earlier that day and purchased new bras and undies that she thought would be great for NEW photos..
She smiled and said ok Dawne how bout a photo shoot.. and like any good sis would.. i grabbed my lil digital cam.
As we took the photos she would pose herself about the way she wanted to look.. and then i would enhance the way she looked. a tip of the head or a change in the smile, an arm here or move the hair around. We laughed and talked till the camera was full. Then just for fun we did it again. So many poses so little time ..
Taking her photos made me think of a few outfits that i had in my lingere bag. So when i was done with her photos.. i brought out my bag and begain to look for my red outfit.. but which one to choose from? I have 3 santa outfits and a valentine outfit. I closed my eyes.. and just grabbed one as they all look very intriguing..
My Valentine outfit.. yay. I slipped outta my jeans and threw them up on the bed.. then pulled off my top to expose my bra-less chest.. and then i stepped out of my lil thong and tossed it into my clothes hamper. Im standing there neeked and I look up to see my sis enter the room.. "Oops she says" with a grin.. and turns to go back in other room. Well i dont mind her seeing me neeked because it has always been that way. It dont matter we used to bathe together as children. So what would it matter now. I didnt say anything i just continued what i was doing. I picked up the top of the outfit and slid it over my head.. making sure it was twisted and adjusted to fit perfectly.. then i picked up the bottom of the outfit and looked at it.. a nice lil thong/g-string (hard to tell the difference it was so close) anyways.. i slid it up one leg and then the other before presenting myself to my sis for photos..


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