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11/24/2005 2:01 am

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So I am one of the many "freaks" out there who stood in line for a XBox 360. Yeah I know many of you are going to think "Man what a fraking dork!" but its what I enjoy doing. Now I am not one of those people who lock themselves in a room and away from all the realities of life. I have many real friends who also have one and we play games online all the time. I also have a very real social life. I love going out to movies, hanging out with my friends, playing paintball, etc.

I guess since this is my first real "BLOG" entry that I dont know what to put here quite yet. I will definitly get back on that though.

zoopc42 47M

11/24/2005 4:11 am

hey. I wanted one of those too. I am going to wait. there is some nutty people paying obscene amounts of money for them. heard they are crashing too. I will wait until the ps3 comes out and then get an xbox and ps3.

I love paintball also. I play woodsball though. sniper position but realy more like long range support. not sure what you play speed or woods.

anyhow just thought I would add to your blog entry. thoguht your title was going to be about that

have fun

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