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1/31/2006 7:17 am

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8th Post

I check my profile pretty often but not much on weekends. I've been checking out many interesting profiles. Seems that most guys want a female and maybe a couple to play with. Seems most women want another woman to play with.
I'm slowly figuring out just what each level of membership can do. Some people I thought could see my whole profile can't. (Standard) so a lot of people I've contacted can't really get an idea of who I am. How many people have I missed?
Sometimes I send a wink to people who's profile requirements doesn't really match mine. I just want to let them know I think their pics are hot or have a good profile. No biggie, maybe they'll remember me and if they change their mind and want to add a lone male to their adventure they'll try and reach me.
If someone checks me out I usually check them out too. Common courtesy. I know sometimes we are all just looking to see if the person lives in our area.

So over all I'm not really getting much luck here. There are some responses with couples responding but only the male is interested - what's with that? So there are some real fakes here. I don't have time to be fake. What I put up is me. Take it for what it is. I'm only trying to keep my identity hidden up to the point I can actually meet someone and show them the whole picture.

I've noticed some people that demand face pictures lack one of their own on their profile. If you don't have one on your profile then you should know the reasons I don't have one on mine. If you ask nicely I'll show you.


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