3rd Entry  

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1/9/2006 11:01 am

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3rd Entry

Well, I decided to extend my membership and as soon as I did I got a response.

I was able to meet up with this person. After some initial talk and nervousness on my part we got to it. I didn’t know just how nervous this would all make me but all the what-ifs came into my brain ‒ what if I’m not attracted to them, what if they turn into a freak, what if I shoot my load right away, what if I can’t get it up even if I’m really turned on? Etc. Well, it went well though I wish I had more time to truly explore more of the possibilities. There’s always the next time right?

I’ve made some network connections. Some are close to my area and some farther away. Some have great photos in their albums and some don’t but I wish they did. I know I may never meet most of these people but it is a nice feeling to see that there are some other horn dogs out there waiting to satisfy and be satisfied.

I hope the year brings many hot and safe encounters for myself and everyone out there.

If you want to play check me out, join my network or drop me a line. I’m trying to explore the many aspects of sex and sexuality so “no reasonable offer will be refused.” Try me you might like me.

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