Thursday is the worst day of the week.  

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11/17/2005 8:08 am

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Thursday is the worst day of the week.

Most people call Wednesday the Hump Day because the week is half over, but I think Thursday is the worst day of the work week. Think about it, even though Wednesday is the halfway point, Thursday is the one that drags on. The bulk of the week is behind you, so you're tired, and the weekend is tomorrow, so you're anxious. It makes for a long day in my opinion.

Other thoughts - Being as it is hard for standard members to get your contact info, what is the best way to get in touch with others? I'm not comfortable just posting my telephone number on-line, but mail can be sent to mmcgowan at nmu. edu. I guess if someone is interested enough to e-mail me I could give them my digits then, but other than that I am at a loss. If you live in Marquette, I work as a bouncer at the Matrixx on the weekends -I'll only be working Saturday night this weekend because I have class at 8am on Saturday morning.-

Next thought - Did anyone else in the MQT area get slightly depressed at the snow this week? I sure did. Winter could have stayed away for another month and I'd have been fine with that. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to do my graduate work in the UP. You would think that 5 winters up at MI Tech would have been enough winter for me, but noooooo. I've got to do my Master's at Northern. What was I thinking? Why am I not getting my degree in Hawaii or So-Cal? I guess that it is just another of life's little lessons - No matter how much education you have, you can still make illogical -read not well thought out- decisions. Such is life.

--Big Mike

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