So Why "Janus" as a Nic?  

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9/26/2005 8:40 pm

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So Why "Janus" as a Nic?

Ah, the Big One!
This will be Me at my most philosophical, and should probably be viewed as a living document. After all, one's nic is the classic expression of "self" as defined by the owner. Not the name that each of us was given at birth by our parents, reflecting their hopes and dreams for us. No, our nics are ours alone, being an odd balance of how we see ourselves and how we wish ourselves to be seen by others. Brutal truth and fantasy, locked in eternal combat with our souls as the prize.
Which leads Me to "Janus". Why choose a minor Roman god, the god of beginnings and endings, of doors and gates, who stands eternally accused of being deceptive, ie. "two-faced", and whose most endearing claim to fame was that the doors to his temple in Rome would only be closed when there was peace throughout the Empire (a very drafty place, most of the time). Why not Zeus or Thor, Kukulkan or Coyote? Ra or Surya, even Cthulhu or Gilgamesh; any of them would have sufficed. But none of them would have addressed the complexity, the exquisite need to satisfy both the physical and metaphysical aspects of Me, the sacred and the profane. Janus exists in the present, but looks toward both the past and the future, and in seeing both, perhaps achieves enlightenment.
In the end, it was the only logical choice.

areugame4 46M

9/26/2005 9:41 pm

Is that why Janus is always thought of as having a 20/20 vision.... or was I just trying toload my fund.... either front/or back end load.... nothing like those see shares though

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