the end of the month TOTAL is:  

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8/31/2006 11:13 am

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9/5/2006 9:40 am

the end of the month TOTAL is:

a fabulous,

for the month of


well like in the cartoons...

That's all Folks and the credits roll!

is there anything else to say ???

silverhawk762 51M/47F

8/31/2006 11:33 am

Just don't give up on YOURSELF, love. Let us know if you need a friendly ear... {=}

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8/31/2006 12:20 pm

I already told him i am ready to seek solace elsewhere... does he need a fucking certified letter to get the complete understanding?

The average for the year so far is 2 x's a month. Who lives like this? I mean if you are a hundred years old and still a couple, you have still got a meaningful way to "love" each other. Spooning at 89 or 98 could be bonafide loving time at that age-frame; but at 32?

Gimme a fucking break!

silverhawk762 51M/47F

9/1/2006 7:10 am

You know, you have to wonder what his reaction would be if you actually did go to someone else... We went through a short dry spell like this after I had back surgery - took us quite a while to recover, and took several threats about leaving him, but we did get it worked out. There could be several reasons for what is happening to you two, and you need to start looking at those reasons and ruling them out one by one. There is a solution, if you're willing to fight for it...

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