june 22, 06 reading a lil bit  

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6/21/2006 10:56 pm
june 22, 06 reading a lil bit

first blog attempt.

so here I am.

Hi out there.

I did not do too much today but read some on literotica.com today.
they have some really good stories on there based on individual tastes, of course. I think some of the better written ones about BDSM are good, a really good one written about timewarping and enslavement was really awesome and wellwritten. that was by DanielleKitten *i think that is her name.
You can search by authors.titles.keywords, etc.

Others here are invited to read on there and we can use my blog to discuss the stories; like an online book/story review. It'd be kinda fun to see that ya'll think about and read. it could be another way to find someone to hook up with the same kinda interests?
just an idea.


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