Suave & Minx in Oki '92  

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6/26/2006 11:35 am
Suave & Minx in Oki '92

In 92 I met a fella, he was soooo Suave. I will always Love him. Twisted as a love,lust and well fucked, trained on his dick 19 yearold girl can be. for 9 out of 12 months in a year's time I was with him. He said he loved me, too. hahaha. should have listened to my drill instructors. males are nasty and not to be trusted. He was just so damn fine, pretty and BEAUTIFUL especially when naked; he was so much of a Greek God type. Thinking back it was too good to be true.
It was he looked at me & I looked at him & IT just WAS; from that day on...until the day he flew out. It started out good but it ended a rocky relationship. It can only be compared to BDSM in that there was SEX, torture, masochism, sadism, the bondage part was more mental than anything, there was beating-- and there were BEATINGS *those capital letters were the creative kind*, there was , assault with box cutters, and then whatever does not kill you makes you stronger, right.
I continue to be twisted in my feelings for him. Dream of him in deliciously slutty ways that should not be entertained; but I was so young when we met - I think maybe my brain thinks somehow that is what love "is" sort of. I keep trying to reprogram it but the things he "taught" me are ingrained and forged in steel. he is in my sexual aura.

I loved him for all the right reasons, was scared and wanted to leave him for all the right reasons but did not know where to go. the only option was to stay and try to stay alive. he said he would kill me if I left. I tried once to leave. hence the box cutter event.In that relationship I was too scared to leave, where do you go in a foreign country with that kind of problem as a single person (back then they only recognized spousal abuse) and it would muck up your service career if you tried to get assistance with personal problems.

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