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9/12/2005 1:59 pm

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The Lady's Side

My better half started this blog, so now I get to play too! I feel like I need to defend myself on the eight day long dry spell. I work really hard each day (no pun intended), and when I have put in an 8-10 hour work day plus driven 50 miles one way to/from my job, there isn't a man alive that could stimulate me to orgasm. Its just the truth. I am fortunate that I get summers of to screw like mad, all hours of the day and in whatever room I find myself. On those days, there isn't a man alive that can keep up with me. I love summer!

All that said, we really want to get with some young attractive couples! The first couple we were with were perfect for us as first timers, but the live too far away for repeated encounters. The other couple was super hot, but they had relationship issues before we got to explore all we wanted to. My man has yet to experience the complete threesome, and I know of at least one dick I still hunger for (you know who you are!). The great thing about the second couple was that we have so much in common, too... figures.

I wonder what others have found... do you get to to all you want with the couples you meet? Or is there always something else, something you didn't get to try? And how do you live with those kind of regrets?


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