Women Your Comments ?  

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10/7/2005 11:25 am

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Women Your Comments ?

Ok we all know that for some being married is not all what is it is or should be, I don't care what anyone says there is no such thing as a perfect married, there will be arguments, many nights of sleeping on the floor, sofa, car, between some other females legs, etc. And the same holds true fact for women also, some of our expectations depreciate after the phrase "I Do", this is not the 50's where a man goes out to work and the woman stays home and cooks and cleans, this is the era of woman being in control and for some men that is hard to deal with, now for some married men a way of gaining that power and control back is to be "the man" and for some it is because the honeymoon stage of the marriage(SEX) has taken a plunge, we all work with all genders and ages, and when the attention and attraction is given your way for some the temptation is just there. Myself included I will not lie my marriage died after a few months, I found myself having sex with woman that just did not care about a man being married reason she can send his behind back home to his wife, but for some woman they want more than just sex, they want that sense of security and love but again there are women out there that measure love in inches and by bankaccount. Now for those women in those abusive relationships where a man continuously mentally , spiritually, physically abuse you YOU NEED TO WAKE UP ! You are better than that, yes some of men only want one thing, and you consensually give it to us, but do not look for that HERO when you keep going back to the abuse, some men yes do appreciate a women for her beauty, inner-strength, and the way she treats her man, though there are some women that get off on the "being the victim" mentality. I have meet a few women like that recently and I respect their morals of I won't cheat on my man but I'm not getting any at home and I just like to flirt, LISTEN YOU ARE AN ADULT this is not junior high school you want to get your stuff off and a man is willing to do it let him, save all the psychiatry stuff for the pros, I will admit I cheat and cheat and cheat, I cant commit and if you are looking for some to fall in love with you right now it is not for me, but if you are looking to get your world rocked and your body done right HOLLA AT ME. maybe just maybe someday I will fall in love.REMEMBER NO STRINGS ATTACHED

SexyTLC13 49F

10/17/2005 5:01 am

Gee Matt I don't know what to think of this post.........
I know I relate to the abuse. I didn't like being abused, trust me I didn't. You sure hit home with that one!
All I know is he can stay kicked to the curb, and thos Ol' G is moving the hell on.
Thanks for the post. I know where to look to get my freak on LOL

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