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rm_LvGvnOral 57M
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1/9/2006 3:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My opinion...

I started wondering when I went to some group gatherings, & noted the diversity of people. From white-collar types to blue-collar, everyone was relaxed & laughing. Seemingly the only things in common were basic morality & an in-grained good nature. Always try to get along with others & never offend. When ya think about it, that's a good way to live life!
Just enjoy, & attempt to make others enjoy if possible.
Of course, I could be wrong, & it's just a horny bunch.

sexychica1966 51F

1/23/2007 1:33 pm

Interesting group of folks>>>>>hhhhuuuuuuummmmm sounds interesting!!!

thewishingchair 59M/51F

1/31/2007 10:48 am

I think the same thing exists with bikers. There is a common thread regardless of day job. Isn't sex the same? We all have those needs regardless of what we do and I think we are all seraching for others that want sexual freedom and intensity.

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