Dr Krankenstein  

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7/22/2006 1:07 pm
Dr Krankenstein

It was a cold, rainy day that Heather’s motorbike chose to breakdown at last after speeding for hours through the crowded town streets. In order to escape the noise of the city, Heather had decided to ride her bike over to the mountains despite the lousy weather. She did not mind driving through the night and did not turn round when she saw that the sun was setting, now she regretted it. With her engine broken she was stuck in the middle of nowhere and was pushing her bike along the muddy path that led to the only building in this isolated area. It was a large concrete house that could well have been a company’s headquarters. Soaked by the freezing rain, she leaned her motorbike against the wall and pressed the electric bell. A little noise drew her attention to a camera that was obviously focusing on her. Reassured by the thought that there must be a phone in this well-equipped building, she grew confident as she finally heard echoed footsteps approaching. The heavy door was opened by a young pale man of European origin. His blue eyes were staring widely at her while his red lips remained shut. All of a sudden, Heather felt ill at ease, but not having any other choice, she quickly overcame her anxiety.
- Good evening, my name is Heather Taylor and my motorbike broke down. Can I please use your phone to call my family?
The man was still staring at her, then suddenly as if awoken from a dream he stepped aside.
- Of course, of course, no problem. Really no problem at all. Please do come in, over here. Here is the phone.
The man shuffled away and did not look at Heather who followed him slowly. Strangely enough, the man did not stop at the phone and left the hall, shutting a door behind him. Puzzled, Heather was standing next to the phone. Did this mean that the man allowed her to phone or is she expected to wait? But wait for what? Heather turned round and looked at the large reception hall. It was dark and cold, clearly not the most cheerful place on Earth. Then Heather saw that the entrance door was still open, which reassured her. After all, even if there should be danger, she could still run quickly to the door and escape. Without hesitating further, she picked up the phone and was instantly stunned by an electrical shock.

When Heather recovered her senses, she was tied to a dentist’s chair and stark naked. The only thing she could move was her head to which a whole series of electrodes had been stuck. She looked round and saw a set of strange machines and a large bed a few feet away from her. The white man was working on one of the computers, but when he realized that she was moving he got up and came towards her.
- Welcome back to the real world, Princess. Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Frank Krankenstein and conducting the most thrilling research on this world.
- Let me go!
- I am afraid that is not possible, at least not for the moment. You see, I need you for conducting the final testing.
- No, you let me go. Kidnapping is a serious offense!
The doctor was shaking his head.
- You don’t seem to understand. My work will save the life of millions of people, I cannot let you go simply because you will miss dinner. No, no, no. You have to stay this night here and help me finish my work.
- NO! I want to go!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!
The professor clapped his hands and came running forth full of excitement.
- Oh yes, this is perfect! You see, you are the perfect test object because you don’t want to. And this is precisely the very reason why I won’t let you go. Tuma!
Immediately a very attractive African woman came and put her hands on the scientist’s shoulders, looking at him with passionate eyes.
- You see, Tuma is a wonderful woman, but she is such a lustful lady that she wants to have sex whenever she can and is therefore not suitable for the testing. But you, Heather, you are perfect!
- What do you mean? Will you kill me?
Frank laughed a few seconds, then bent his face over Heather’s.
- You still don’t understand, do you? I am working on a drug that will stimulate and inhibit sexual desires. It will heal sexual perverts, child-molesters and rekindle the fire in boring couples. I have found the substances and tested them on mice, now I only have to test them on humans. Tuma is horny by nature, so she will not be suitable for the tests, but you, you are perfect. I am sure that you want nothing less than having sex right now and will resist as strongly as possible, won’t you. This makes you the perfect test person. I will inject this substance in your veins and together with Tuma we will excite you until you scream with lust, even though you don’t want to.
The doctor turned round and picked up a syringe. Heather cried in horror when she felt how the needle pierced her soft skin. After the injection, the doctor turned round and checked his computer.
- All the sensors are active. Her heart is beating a little bit fast from her fear, but the computer will compensate this. Tuma, you can start.
The black woman smiled and stepped in front of Heather, slowly undressing herself. She unbuttoned her white dress and unveiled her shiny, ebony skin. With soft movements of her hips, she made the dress fall down on the floor and started caressing her large breasts that were covered by a crimson bra. She licked her lips sensually and started dancing to the music the doctor had put on. She turned round and showed Heather her bottom, which was partly hidden by her very small panties. While she was dancing, she was caressing her ass. Despite herself, Heather suddenly felt desire building up inside her. With all the power of her will, she tried to resist this feeling. Krankenstein cried out.
- It works! But she is still fighting. Tuma, step two.
The woman still showed her back to Heather and slowly undid her bra. After covering her ample breasts with her folded arms, she turned round again and moved towards Heather. When she was standing at her feet, Tuma took her arms away and showed her large breasts to the tied girl. While she was looking straight into Heather’s eyes she lifted her left breast and licked her own nipple, then she treated her right nipple in the same way.
On the doctor’s computer screen, the hormone curves were going up.
- Excellent, Tuma. Go on.
The ebony assistant climbed onto the dentist chair and spread her legs over the hostage’s face. Slowly she lowered her hips until her groin was right over Heather’s face, then she unclipped her panties and took them off, allowing Heather to look right at her shiny vagina, all wet from desire. While she steadied herself with her right hand, Tuma let her left hand move down to her vagina where she stimulated her clitoris in front of the dark brown eyes of her prisoner. Deep inside herself, Heather felt an unknown desire becoming stronger and stronger and even though she was determined to close her eyes, she just could not help watching this black beauty masturbating. Her eyes were stuck at this dripping vagina, her ears were focused on the noises made by the fingers gliding along the lubricated lips and the soft moans from the assistant. Slowly Tuma was getting closer to her climax and from time to time, some of her vaginal juices dripped onto Heather’s face and quite despite herself, she avidly licked them from her lips. The desire inside Heather became almost unbearable, hot pearls of sweat were running down her entire body and she tried to free her hands in order to caress this African queen, even though she had never been attracted by lesbians until that very day. Desperately she lifted her head and stuck out her tongue in order to lick her teaser’s vagina, but she just couldn’t reach it. Then the doctor got up and came close to them.
- The hormonal levels are at the desired levels, however her vaginal moisture is still weak.
Tuma got off from the chair and stood next to Krankenstein. She looked down the woman’s body and focused on her pussy. She caressed her vagina gently, making Heather moan with desire.
- Maybe the hairs around falsify the data.
The scientist nodded in agreement.
- Yes, that must be it. Take out the vaginal electrode and shave her clean.
While the doctor was analyzing the data he had taken so far, his assistant disappeared and came back with a razor and soap. She applied the foam all around Heather’s love triangle and then gently moved the razor over the soft skin. Heather felt the steel blade glide over her most intimate skin and could not help being aroused by this violation of her secrecy. When Tuma had finished shaving her, she took the small mouth shower and cleaned Heather with cold water. Krankenstein came close again and looked at them while his assistant reinserted the vaginal electrode.
- Excellent, this should work now.
He went back to his computer and noticed that the cold shower had lowered his test person’s hormonal level. Quite dissatisfied, he told his black ally to arouse Heather again. Since she was still kneeling between the prisoner’s legs, she simply bent her head and started licking the freshly shaven vagina. Her long tongue was gliding all along the divine split with its tip teasing the blossoming clitoris. After a few minutes Heather was wet and burning inside with desire, she was about to give up her resistance and admit full surrender to this artificial lust. The doctor came close to the two and started undressing in front of Heather.
- Good job, Tuma, she is about to break down. Lets get ready for the final test.
When Krankenstein was naked and standing there with his penis fully erect, his assistant turned round and shoved his penis inside her mouth, leaving Heather lying there just when she was about to have an orgasm. With her eyes wide open with desire, she could see how the black woman was lasciviously licking and sucking the professor’s penis. She felt how her pulse was quickening and her vagina producing more and more juices. She was still fighting, but her mind was almost vanquished by her flesh. Then the computer sounded a beep. As if they had been waiting for it, the doctor and his assistant went over to the bed and positioned themselves in such a way that Heather could see everything.
Tied-down she saw how Krankenstein penetrated his assistant and was slowly fucking her while his hand was caressing the large breasts. After a few seconds they both started moaning louder and louder, clearly showing their lust and pleasures. Heather’s heart was pounding like a fast train and she was covered with sweat, her body trembling with desire, her eyes staring at this erect penis moving in and out of this ebony vagina. She simply could not take it anymore and she cried aloud her desperation.
- Please, oh, please have mercy with me! Come and fuck me, both of you! Drive your penis inside me, just fuck me senseless, please, oh please! Release me from my lust!
The computer sounded another beep and the doctor quickly jumped over to his PC.
- Wonderful! It worked! Phase one was a complete success! Tuma, we have found the first working aphrodisiac! Quick, lets move over to Phase two!
Krankenstein ran over to Heather with another syringe in his hands that he quickly drove inside her arm. Then he released her from the chair and caressed her dripping vagina.
- Heather Taylor, thanks for your co-operation, now both my assistant and myself will fuck you as long as you want to, until you ask us to stop.
For the first time this evening, Heather was smiling radiantly, her heart yearning with desire for the long awaited orgasm. She quickly went to the bed and laid down with her legs wide spread. Krankenstein quickly penetrated her and started fucking her while Tuma was licking her body all over. The pleasure Heather was feeling was delicious and unique, she felt how her orgasm was building up. Then all of a sudden, despite the excellent fuck and the divine licking, she felt how her vagina was drying up and her lust dying. She concentrated and tried hard to keep her lust up, fighting for her much wanted orgasm, she was not willing to let her pleasure die, but after a few minutes she asked the doctor to stop as her dry vagina started hurting. With a triumphant smile on his face, the doctor got up and went over to his PC:
- Eureka! Phase two was successful as well! I have found the ultimate lust-killer! Now we can heal all the sexual criminals in the world!
While the doctor became ecstatic analyzing the data, Heather was sitting there frustrated while Tuma was lovingly caressing her. After a while the black woman got up and went over to the scientist, whispering something in his ear. Krankenstein looked round and came over to Heather.
- Thank you so much for your help, Miss Taylor. Without you we would not have been successful. Of course, we will give you a substantial sum of money for this, once we have contracts with the pharmaceutical industry.
Heather looked sadly at the white man.
- You don’t understand. I am not that keen for money, I…I just did not feel such an intense lust without having a climax. I feel broken and empty inside.
Tuma had come close to her and gave her a third injection. Then she slowly kissed Heather on her mouth while the doctor started licking her vagina.
- Get ready for your first sexual overkill. You will never forget tonight’s orgasms.

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