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12/22/2005 5:11 pm

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And then riddle me this, why does my profile get ignored like little kids??
What else is it, that im missin, go ahead, open discussion and free dissin,
tell me i look like, i got ran over by an ugly bike, in a collision with a muddy trike,
tell me i look like, hugh hef, half dressed, drunk off the punch someone spiked,
tell me my profile, basically says im "so wild" that you would not want me around your child,
tell me im smelly, got too big of a belly, and aint worth a night alone in the telly,
but then again, maybe ud consider being my friend, and want me up in those skins,
tell my profile totally lacks, any of the facts, or any pics of me minus my slacks,
ILL TELL YOU YOUR WRONG, u should like me as much as u like this song
you should invite this dong, over to your crib, and we can play "saved by king-kong"
while i tickle your ribs and rip off your thongs...

maybe ive just spilled too many beans, and after reading this you think im some sort of a fiend,
for drugs, but nope, no dope over here, just a little mary jane in my lap dear, and thats that here, i dont use or abuse any hardcore drugs, but i love to make hardcore movies with sluts, with nice, boobies and butts, blazin another doobie up, thats enough for tonight so say it
"dude!, HES DONE!"

jadedbabe78 105F

12/22/2005 5:28 pm

LOL....very clever.

Kimmers777 106F

12/22/2005 6:00 pm

Blaze on.

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