Giving oral to a man, vs. to a woman  

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7/28/2006 10:42 am

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Giving oral to a man, vs. to a woman

Having encountered at least one truly remarkable fellatrix in my lifetime, I think I'm ready to put forth an interesting - if controversial - idea.

The genders may have more similarities than differences when it comes to being orally pleased. For example ...

I think there's a good deal of underestimation when it comes to the "geographical territory" involved. Men and women are both incredibly sensitive in a large number of places near the goal. Just as men love to have their balls licked, as well as the areas underneath and behind their balls ... women get extremely excited by the attention paid to their inner thighs, their outer lips, and the fleshy creases and crevices near their pussies.

Too many men tend to just "stick their tongues in", just as too many women tend to focus exclusively on the shaft, or even the head. (Hey guys, get out that hair trimmers - works wonders down there!)

Everybody's different: it pays to "listen" with your sense of touch. Some women are more sensitive in their clits and on the area right behind their clits - just as some guys are more turned on by attention to their heads. But other men are more turned on by efforts made to engulf or otherwise "masturbate" the entire shaft.

Most women seem to like a guy to put as much of his nose and lips between their lips, just as most men tend to prefer deep throating. But it doesn't have to be the very first thing on the agenda.

Which brings me to another point. Tease, tease, tease! Unless your partner seems to want it, s/he might be somewhat less excited if s/he feels that your goal is to make them climax, ASAP. When I feel a woman masturbating my cock and going down on me as fast as possible, that says to me that she either thinks that I'll view her as a good lover if I climax ASAP, or that she just feels that she has to reciprocate and get it over with. Ugh. I'm most turned on when she takes her time, and relishes the experience, just as I savor the flow of fresh nectar from her garden, and delight in her uncontrollable squirming. Relax, you'll know when your partner is tired of being "teased" and can't hold back anymore! Better to take it "too" slow and easy, than to move too fast.

Last but not least ... saliva. Everyone likes a maximum of wetness. Men love the idea that a woman's mouth is very wet, and the feeling of her practically drooling on her balls. And guys ... holding her cum in your mouths (don't swallow it), mixing it with your saliva, and letting it dribble on her pussy is going to drive her wild. (Better yet, squirt it back into her, mmm. Or stop, and kiss her with it. She'll be happy to know you love her cum that much.)

What are your thoughts, on this most succulently-delicious question, mmm?

rm_rompergirlie 51F
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8/16/2006 3:35 pm

This is a great primer LP. I wish I had read something like it when I was starting out. Back then it was so mechanical. Middle-aged womanhood however, is all about slowing down, in sex as in most everything else. Part of the impetus is selfish; I have mastered my own orgasm and muliplied it, so I want to keep that dick hard. But more fun is that I've gained familiarity with cock, while in no way losing my infatuation with it. With whatever man I'm with it's as though I develop a separate relationship with his dick where I flirt with it, court it, make out a bit, nibble around, lick, look at the little details of veins or freckles, and just play with it until I have to get down on it.
It's nice to hear the way you describe it from the other side. It's fun to feel that cum building up in the sac, and giving attention to it as he gets more rigid, not just in his shaft, but around his thighs and ass. I literally begin to salivate just anticipating how much cum I am going to get. I'm so much better at this than I used to be. Youth really is wasted on the young.

rm_Luv_PPPL 58M
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8/18/2006 7:20 am

It's fun to feel that cum building up in the sac, and giving attention to it as he gets more rigid, not just in his shaft, but around his thighs and ass

Thanks for your compliments, and kudos to you for considering more than just the man's shaft and balls. Same as with women ... the density of nerve endings doesn't just plummet instantly - it falls off gradually, as one gets further away from the core genital region.

Thus, all nearby areas are very sensitive in both genders.

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