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1/3/2006 10:26 am

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Let's begin here!

I've been a Adultfriend Finder for many years. I've read many of your ads seeking a female who is looking for a real friend with those extra benefits. I had to change my ways and become more open minded. I'm determined not to be engaged in a relationship with a straight woman. I'd rather have a bisexual or lesbian woman who enjoys the best of both worlds. Why?
I was married once to a straight woman but I liked to glance at pretty women admiring their sexiness maybe get a free shot of their tits if they bent over and their low cut blouse revealed their assets. The typical dirty old man view. Suddenly I'm startled back to reality because the old lady popped me one in the arm for even thinking of looking at another woman. Well, Fuck That all to Hell. I'm divorced now for 12 years. I have several young women who I date but don't fuck but at least I'm dating. I have a lady friend who is a lesbian and we talk about living together but it remains to be seen. Perhaps I'll still meet that one female on here who has been searching for that open minded male who doesn't mind her looking at sexy woman and dreaming of eating their pussy while her man/lover takes her doggie style in a glorious 3sum.
I changed my ways by stating that a woman should climax first and several times after that. Why? Because she can! I might get off twice in a evening but she can go all night till she falls over exhausted. Don't say Bull Shit bc I've seen it myself and I love it when the woman tells me how I'm the only man who did that to her. I'm picky with the woman I choose to associate with. Sure I like a slim trim playboy centerfold type woman but I'll settle to for a shapely woman who is at least trying to reduce, still has a figure and her sex drive is already in 6th gear and revving. I can dream she is 21 but maybe she fits the bill and she's 51 or 58.
Send me a email and attach a photograph. I don't respond to ads that don't have photos bc I figure you are insecure and I've had it up to here with insecure women. Be truthful! I don't want to be dating you and in love with you because you said you loved eating pussy when it was all a lie. Will I have oral sex with a man? Yes, but only one type and they aren't found here. Website is asiants. They look more like women but with extra benefits and some are gorgeous. How many straight males would admit that they'd like to have a sexual relationship with a asian transexual? Not many.
Well, I've said my piece and will add as I go along.

Big Johnson

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