Confession 8: Sex in the Face  

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12/16/2005 2:37 pm

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Confession 8: Sex in the Face

My freshman year at college- I was lucky enough to be roomates with one of the hottest guys on campus. He was a soccer player from Ireland and the guy on the campus that made girls heads turn.

Of course one of the benefits of having such a hot roommate was that I got to watch him get naked- A Lot! In fact- I was even luckier- because I got a roommate who loved just walking in the room - stripping off all his clothes and walking around that way in our dorm room in the evening.

He had black hair, was about 5'10 and completely toned but not overdone- all over. He had the sexiest calves and thighs from playing soccer covered in dark curly hair and a bubble butt that had just a patch of dark hair peeking out from his crack and underneath his cheeks.

He was very masculine guy and hardly trimmed- leaving a dark bush around his gorgeous cock that was only a bout 6" -but it was thick, uncut and beautiful. At times I accidently would walk into the room in the middle of one of his j/o sessions and he would just give me a cocky smile and say "You caught me". He never seemed to be embarrassed about it all. Nor was it unusual him for him to be sitting at the computer- playing with his balls, talking about his cock to me and how horny he was or stretching in the nude. I was in heaven and full of j/o material for life.

I often had to sheild my huge boner that would be popping up or divert my eyes so that he did not catch me glancing too long. After about a month of living together though- he caught me and it changed everything--for the better.

He had just come in from a soccer game and was all hot and sweaty. You could smell his manscent and he looked sexy as hell. He came in and started his normal stripping routine and I was at the computer. I turned around to talk with him as he was taking off his shirt and immediately started to feel myself get hard- looking at his sweaty pecs and his dark slick happy trail.

He then started to remove his soccer shorts and happened to be wearing white breifs that day. The kind of underwear a guy like him could pull off. The thing was - his underwear was clinging to him from the sweat- damp in some places almost making it transparent in spots. His cock was buldging in one of the damp spots and I could outline every inch. I started not listening to anything he was saying and got lost in staring at his crotch- unaware that he was watching me and unaware of the huge erection in my shorts.

"Damn Dude"- he said as I snapped out of it. "You've been staring at my crotch non-stop since I took my shorts off. You day dreaming?"

"what?- no I was just lost in thought"- embarrassed that I had been caught.

"yeah - what kind of thoughts?" he said and he stepped closer to where I was sitting and again I could not help but let my eyes glance down at his sweaty crocth in his shorts. "Cuz it looks to me like you got one hell of a boner- looking at my dick!"

I laughed nervously- and again tried to play it off- to this point I had only fantasized about being with a guy. "yeah u wish! there ain't nothing there that I want to see or don't see everyday"

He walked right up until his crotch was about a foot away from my face. "really? cuz I'll let you take a closer look at if you want? U want me to take off my shorts? or do you want to take them off for me?"

At this point I was frozen in fear- I did not know if he was playing with me, trying to out me or seriously proposing. I couldn't even answer- my mouth got all dry and I just kept staring at his now in my reach crotch.

"You ever sucked a guy off before?" he said


"You ever wanted to suck a guy off before? Cuz I'd let u if u'd want to..I've always heard guys give better head and always wanted a bud who'd want to screw around a little."

At this point I looked up at him -he had this cocky grin on his face- I could smell him and his pheremones were driving me even wilder.


"Hell- yeah man!" with that he did not wait for me to answer he stepped in and took the back of my head and shoved it gently into his crotch. Immediately- my mouth opened and started genetly probing his shape through the underwear. I sucked at the sweat from the cloth, sniffed all around his balls and ran my tongue around his inner thighs- dabbing at his sweat and what was awaiting underneath. When my mouth touched him- he moaned and pushed the weight of his crotch into me- holding me against his now semi-buldiging cock.

I pulled back and and ran my hands up his thighs, across his ass and slowly started to pull down his underwear. As his dark bush started to come out and then his semi-hard cock- flopped out- exposing his uncut hot flesh- I let out a slight involuntary gasp.

"You like that?" He laughed. "Much better up close, huh!"

I could barely mutter, mmhmm- before I threw my mouth at it. Taking in his head and feeling him starting to rise in my mouth. He moaned in response and pushed me all the way in until my nose was buried in his dark sweaty pubes and pressed against his pubic bone. I felt his cock starting to flex to full hard length in my mouth and moaned loudly out of anticipation. This was finally happening.

I sucked and licked his balls, shaft, head, everything i could for about 5 minutes- till I pulled back and just blurted "I love it down here."

He looked down at me with his sexy smirk and said "F--K yeah! Everyone should enjoy that as much as you are. He then pulled me up to face him and started to kiss me- while his hands pulled off my clothes.

His mouth was warm, salty and wet. I had never kissed a guy and my senses were on overload. He shoved me down onto his bed and started grinding his thick cock against mine and my hips. My hands grabbed onto the ass I had been dying to know and felt them as they were pupping up against me. He was f--king me like I had a hole and was going nuts against my cock and thighs.

With one hand he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into the nape of his neck. Catching on I sucked, licked, kissed- did every trick I could think of to his neck, ears, face as he pumped. He then stopped all of a sudden, looked at me- aggressively shoved his mouth against mine and gave me tongue like I had never recieved it before. When he came up for air- he whispered-" I want to have sex with your face."

I moaned at the release of those words and did not understand the full context - but if it was anything like what was going though my head right then- then it had to be hot- and I could not wait to get back to his cock. "Hell yes-" I whispered back with broken breath--"do whatever you want to my face"

"F--K yeah!" and without delay he directed me to slide down so I was face to face with his buldging cock. Before I could even take it all in- he straddled my face, thighs over my shoulders and cock aimed at my mouth. I now realized what was about to happen. His cock was twitching and you could tell ready to go..I could not even take in the beautiful sight before he lowered himself down on me.

His first thrust was slow and gentle- making me take him all the way in again- this time adding his weight on the thrust and shoving my head down into the matteress. Without warning- he then proceeded to hump my face as if it was his girlfriend's pussy.

It took me a while to get used to it- the pounding in and out- the deep thrusts and the shallow thrusts- he was going to town. It took the 1st 10 minutes or so for me to get used to the breathing- when to hold my breath- when to breathe- how not to choke- but after that initial 10 I was hornier than ever and getting wilder the longer he lasted.

This guy was literally screwing my mouth. In fact I think he stopped thinking about it being my face and was doing everything he could to get himself off and make it last. He would slow down, speed up, pound hard, instruct me to stop sucking- he wanted me to experience- up close all his f--kig specialities and skills- one of them being - he was gonna give my face the ride of a life for as long as he wanted. So I did everything I could to help him.

My tongue was going nuts, still trying to work up and down his cock and is it was inside me. I held onto his ass and even helped shove it down on me at times. I could feel his balls slap against my chin and his stomach dripped sweat onto me. his pubic hair smell was in my nostrils and I could only hear his breathing and moaning and occasional- dirty slang he threw out at me.

As he approached climax- I felt him pick up speed and knew where this was going. I could not wait to taste his cum. Just as he blew he pulled out enough 1st where some of his cum shout all in my mouth where my tongue was so I could taste it and then he slammed all the way down hard and shot the rest of his load down the back of my throat and collapsed on me.

I tried hard not to gag and i could feel his thighs and ass shake and tremor from the orgasm. I held him tight against me, clutching his ass and feeling his cock twicth inside me. He did not get up and pull out until his cock was flacid again and had stop twitching.

He then pulled out, sat out my chest so I could gaze at the crotch that just screwed the hell out of my face. He smiled at me. "Damn- we got to do that again!"

"Anytime you want!" I said.

He took me up on that offer and had the best 3 years of college and sex in my life. With a whole lot of firsts.

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12/16/2005 3:13 pm

HOT, but I still think women are preferable!

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12/17/2005 6:53 pm

Excellent story, I believe most anyone would dive right in just like you did when given the chance.

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