Confession 3- Be flexible in your tastes  

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12/7/2005 12:11 pm

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Confession 3- Be flexible in your tastes

Nobody likes to feel intimidated or uncomfortable in the bed. We all--I think--want to feel open minded- but that takes so much more than just saying it. It takes a mutual trust and talking about it--honestly--down in the dirty details -talking about it. If u r not with a person that you feel you can communicate with then your sex life is never going to be good.

On that note- I mentioned earlier my passion for oral sex with a man. On the flip side- I LOVE oral sex with a woman--probably more than anything else with women- I love eating a woman out. But to get the kind of oral sex I wanted I had to help her understand what I was looking for--sometimes it helps to write it down. I did and it went something like this....

When I have oral sex with a woman I want it to be all about her. I don't want her to worry about me, what I'm feeling, what I'm thinking, I want her to be selfish, indulgent focus on all the energy I am giving her. I want her to be fearless and let go- as if she was by herself with her own means of pleasure. I want her to use my mouth and face as her sex toy--to unleash her wildest inhibitions as if I were not in the room.

Sometimes this is harder for a woman to do--they feel self conscious- but I want a woman that will straddle and mount my face and ride the hell out of it. Not worried about my comfort, what she looks like, sounds like- but just purely getting off. Shifting her weight, clenching her legs and cligs, rubbing it around- pushing down- if my mouth is not doing what she needs then having her tell me- not asking just telling me where to put it and how. Or just shoving me in the right direction.

I don't want her to fake an orgasm on my face. I want her to take however f**kin long she wants and needs and then to do it all over again and again. I want to be in there when she cums and drips--I want to feel her shake and her legs twitch. I don't want her to think I ever get bored and that I am there for however many hours she wants me there.

I'd love her to fuck my face with her pussy any position she wanted. I'd love her to lay on my in a 69 and make me stay in my boxer briefs and throw a pillow over my crotch- where she could just lay there and hump my face- slowing down and speeding up as often as she wanted. while I got to hold onto her ass and see her ass just go to town. Love it if she orgasms, multiple orgasms and then stays on top and rest- making me slowly arouse her until she is ready again.

I'd love to have a woman sit on my face and have me rim her. As she fingered herself on my face-every so often - alternating off and on- my tongue being up both of her holes...I just want a woman to make my face smell like her pussy and ass the next morning- because she uses me all night to satisfy her needs. Would love for a woman to just dominate my face.


With that said- recently I shard that with a close friend of mine --right before I moved here--and all I can say is that opening up like that was worth it- because we both got a night of some of the hottest sex...because nothing is hotter to me than getting my partner off- woman or man

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