Confession 1- Be passionate about your passion  

rm_Luv2RimUAlot 39M
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12/5/2005 10:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Confession 1- Be passionate about your passion

I love to play for hours and am great as a freakin oral slave. I can go for as long as a guy wants me too and then have him push me to do even more. Rimming is my favorite- I love to eat a guy's ass out. Not everyone's piece of cake-but never had a guy complain (straight and gay). Most people that complain never tried it. Honestly- to each his own- I don't mess with your high- don't mess with mine.

The more I can turn you the guy on- the more I am turned on. I like the focus to be all about him and I don't even like to cum half the time- I just like to serve him and be freakin hard and ache the whole time I do. I like him to be freakin selfish.

I love to start off with a guy on his stomach and wrap my arms around his thighs. I start by gentle kissing and licking all around the cheeks- watching his ass as it rises to the touch and the first goosebumps starts to appear. I like to slowly work my way down his crack with my warm hot tongue and circle his holeand slide it across the top till he is begging for me to go inside.

Then I'm the kind of guy that likes to rim a man right- I'll shove my hot warm tongue as far as it can go down his hole and work it. Loosening it up and loving to hear him moan. I love to bury my face in his cheeks and work his butt with all I have.

I love it for a guy to take his hand and feel free to push my face further in his ass. Talk dirty to me. Lean back into my face- spread his cheeks, get on his knees and push back into my face. I want him to feel free to just let go and be yourself- I like the guy not to worry about what he smells like, sounds like, tastes like-Your a man-you'll have masculine pheromones- I just want him to focus on the pleasure and feeling I am giving him. I like him to feel hot, manly and selfish. Every so often-I'll slide my tongue out and tease and lick the back of his balls as my face just sinks into his ass. And then I'll travel right back to his hole and sink my tongue right back in.

When we get comfortable with eachother- I'd love for him to just sit on my face. I'll wrap my arms around his thighs and just pull him down on my face. No need to feel the need to touch me or play with me at all- in fact he can watch my hips and crotch writhe in agony as I am burying my face as far in his butt as I can and moaning from enjoying it so much.

Just take his time, relax- slide it around and clench it up on me- sit on my face and have a beer- ride my tongue. Whatever he wants. I just love LONG rimming sessions. I love to be talked dirty too and loved to be told what to do and I love it even when he doesn't tell me and just shoves my mouth where he wants it to be.

I like to be dominated- not very rough- I prefer firm but gentle. My mouth will travel to any hot spot he has. I also love pits(smelly or sweaty +++) and feet- and of course ALL the balls and cock I can get. When I am done rimming him- I will give him the long hard cock sucking he asked for and I LOVE to be face fucked. I figure any position you can f**k an ass -you can f**k my face- doggie style- on top- f**king it into the mattress-him standing and me on my knees- me with my head hanging over the mattress and him standing- so when he's f**king me- his balls slap into my forehead and I can watch his ass. Whatever gets him off- and the longer he last- the more I love it. Don't think I ever get bored down there or he has to hurry= if he can last a long freakin time-do it --make me work for it. I love to eat and swallow cum- and multiple sessions are A++++++++!!!! I am there for him to get off-use my mouth as such.

I also am a great bottom for watersports. You can only cum so many times- but you can piss a whole lot more. He stands there with me on my knees and his cock in my hot warm mouth
and I nurse it like a baby bottle as he sprays it down my throat. The more a guy pees down my mouth during sex the hotter I get- it's like mini-orgasms inbetween. While we play- I can buy him a six pack and he can just pee in between rounds allnight or day.

I personally like the guy I am serving to smell real manly though. So if he can be sweaty and dirty- especially down below- it will drive me through the roof- no cologne or deodorant- I just like the natural odors of a man. It drives me wild. I especially like sweaty musky pits, crotch and a not so clean hole. It's more masculine to me and I love for a man to make me clean him. No need to shave anywhere special for me either- I like all the little hairs in the hidden places- especially around his hole or down his crack. Hair is masculine and hot.

I certainly don't need all of these things-and am very open and comfortable to be with. I have to trust a guy and he has to trust me-otherwise not going to work. Serving a guy is more intimate to me than f**king. Cuz I'm down there. I can see and feel him experience the sensations. It's have sex up close and personal with my face. Hot as hell.

rm_aggieed2 57M
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12/7/2005 3:28 pm

Interesting post. I really enjoy reading a post from someone who is so passionate about which they write. I must admit to being someone that also enjoys the act of rimming, although I have not performned this on men all that much. But like you, I really love to also eat pussy, and I think that the two acts are basically the same, you are deriving pleasure from giving someone else pleasure. Any way very intertesting stuff, I would love to meet you someday. E

rm_Luv2RimUAlot 39M

12/8/2005 9:28 pm

Thanks man. I appreciate your post. I was beginning to wonder if people just enjoy reading the posts but not making comments.

rm_aggieed2 57M
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12/8/2005 11:18 pm

Hey , someone that actually checks their site from day to day. Cool !Your writing and your passion as I spoke of before is far superior to many of the blogs. I believe that you will start to get more of a response as time goes by. I am happy to have been your first, (letter that is). Keep it up, as they say.

rm_Txguy1933 30M

12/19/2005 1:54 pm

WOW!!! I love it! I would love to meet you and have you rim my tight ass! I actually have a girlfriend but would love to experience your passion. Ive been rimmed once before and it just sent feelings all over my body I have never felt before. Get back with me!!

rm_Luv2RimUAlot 39M

12/19/2005 9:49 pm

Hey Txguy 1933- email me. I'm a standard member so I can't contact you. Would love to talk more. Love a guy that gets off on being rimmed.

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