good odds gone bad  

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11/27/2005 2:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

good odds gone bad

Okay, I had 6 meetings set up this weekend. Only 2 panned out. 33 %. Standard odds are 50 %. Well damn. Friday night I had a fantastic time. He was wonderful to look at as well as a great conversationalist. He also got my web cam working, woohoo! Very attentive too.

Saturday was not good. I had invited three different men that I have only been chatting with to meet me where I play darts and sing karaoke. I know, three men at the same time in the same location you are saying. Well I figured that based on odds one would be a no show, one would come in, see me, and either decide I was not what he was looking for or be too nervous to approach me and the third would make contact. Of those three one called early in the day to reschedule, thanks to you for being courteous, you will get a second meeting.

Today did not start out well either. I got up early this morning and headed to Starbucks on Peace St. Whether he showed or not I knew I would be getting that wonderful Peppermint Latte, yummy! Best part of my day so far actually, and it is 4:45 PM now. Well, he did not show and we confirmed time and place last night. Guys...if you change your mind, call us! I know I will happily reschedule at least once if you wish too. All of these men had my phone number as of Friday night.

The second meeting I had today was for drinks with a man 15 years my junior. I had turned him down multiple times, but he was respectfully tenacious and I agreed to meet him. Just as I thought, we had very little to talk about. I will say hello in the Carolina's room to him, but not meet again. I ended our meeting by letting him know I just felt I was too old for him and would not go out again.

I hope that Friday man comes over again, but if not I had a wonderful time and will continue to chat with him when I run across him online.

Public Service Announcement:

Remember if you change your mind or cannot make it. If you lost the phone number IM or email the person.

To all a wonderful day.

rm_lownlymoud 41M
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3/3/2006 9:04 pm

hi Im vere far away from u put i like ur style so Im asking if we can chatting thnks .

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