What was up my ass last night?  

rm_LoyalCumpany 46M
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4/21/2006 4:03 am

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5/9/2006 1:43 am

What was up my ass last night?

I just reread my posts from yesterday morning, and I was definitely off. I'll offer a couple of lame excuses;

1. I was tired.
2. The Invisalign (need a tm symbol here)was a little painful. Try wearing a regular mouthpiece for hours at a time. You'll know.
3. I've been fighting the Spermabomber revolt for so long the little suckers have pretty much invaded my brain and planted seeds of revolt there.
4. I have to shave my pussy this weekend.
5. Did I mention I'm horny?

I will say this, I am remembering more and more html as I go along. It's been a long time since I've played with it. Not sure if I'll ever do much more here than what you've already seen. I've seen the pretty posts with the pictures and well constructed borders and all that eye candy. Nah, too much work.

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

sensually_4ever 42M/F

4/21/2006 5:34 am

hmm. I thought it was easier now.. as opposed to the way it was before??

btw.. horniness invades everyone though. I do not have a penile infestation of the brain.. thank god


rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 4/22/2006 1:25 am:
I've only been doing this blog here for about a month. It was harder at some point?

Penile Infestationof the brain. So dry and clinical, yet so appropriate. Similar to mindfuck?

sensually_4ever 42M/F

4/22/2006 2:08 pm

naked white boy dance on cam.. oh god.. tell me you don't have another profile named shy surfer???

LOL I kid.. he is a guy who comes into the BC chat room.. he is from california.. and he does the naked white boy dance to the catcalls(jeers) of the female audience

hah. I tell him to put his damn clothes back on..lol


rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 4/22/2006 5:33 pm:
LOL. No! no no no no no...

Damn fine way to set yourself apart from the others here. Hmmm... ideas are brewing.

rm_LoyalCumpany 46M
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4/23/2006 5:31 am

Shit. I just realized this was one of my more "viewed" posts and figured out why. LOL. I should have picked a better title.

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

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