Wait, WHY am I frustrated again?  

rm_LoyalCumpany 46M
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4/27/2006 1:31 am

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4/27/2006 9:30 am

Wait, WHY am I frustrated again?

Was just working on my novel (yeah, I can write shit like you can't believe, and my muse advised me to pound some more out while I'm sick and have some time). Anyway, just got this in my inbox, forwarded from my little snitches I have who only send me these, and nothing I'd rather want to hear (no time and date for sex?).

Who's got a better chance? Me or this guy?

Again, heavy editing is involved so my sources and the sender can remain private.

i live in xxxxxxxxx and will pay you $300 per hour for your time spent with me. i can meet with you on a weekly basis. my name is **** and my email addy is: (combines royalty and velocity)

i use that email addy because i race cars. my phone is ***-**** xoxxxox

I can wax poetic and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I would worship the ground you walk on, walking in front of you spreading rose petals, and perform sexually for hours. And I get the feeling this guy's going to get laid more often than me.

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

JeersPilarSaver 35F

4/27/2006 4:17 am

nope...never never offer to pay for sex. thats pathetic, u know! and cheap of course!

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 4/27/2006 9:32 am:
I never have, and never will. Well, there is a role playing fantasy I have about someone....

rm_playmate4y 47F
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4/27/2006 4:26 am

NEVER pay for sex..too many out there willing to give it for free....Just hanging there...Playmate

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 4/27/2006 9:37 am:
Well hello there playmate4y! I hope you're right, but the hanging reference has me wondering what tree I need to stand under.

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