Sopranos, truth, philosophy, and other crap  

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4/16/2006 10:15 pm

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Sopranos, truth, philosophy, and other crap

OK, I know it's cliche, but Sopranos is still the best written show ever broadcast, period. Most television gets repetitive (24), is a little predictable (every sitcom ever made), or plays down to the audience (almost every other show ever). Sopranos is the only show I have ever just stopped doing anything and try to plan around (DVR makes me not such a geek... I think). The Shield is another excellent show, only drawback being it doesn't have all the freedom Sopranos does.

So, is Vito going to get whacked? Blow himself away? Get to retire in that New Hampshire town? Does he have AIDS? lol... it's a man's soap opera...

I want to go off some more about honesty here. I have run into so much dishonesty and bullshit, which if I put it into perspective, probably mirrors the real dating scene almost exactly. Lying about looks, size, age, gender... wow. Is it that hard for someone to look into the mirror and say "This is me. I don't need to deceive myself or others about who and what I am"? We all have fantasies, including roleplaying, and different ways to get off, but unless both people agree to lie just to get off, then someone's being set up for disappointent, embarassment, and frustration. Thus, my continuous ranting on the suject. Mounting frustration, might have to go whack off to a VS catalog or the sunday lingerie catalog (I actually met one of the local models in a class at school. Fantasies were full steam ahead).

Some of my favorite fake ads here have been so sloppily written that the profile doesn't even come close to the pic. Wrong race or hair color, even saw one with the breast size listed as like 38FF when the pic wasn't more than a B or C... dead giveaway. Last night when I logged on, I saw 4 different "new" profiles all with pics of the same chick in different poses. To AdultFriendFinder's credit, those came down pretty quick.

Oh yeah, If some of you notice I seem to be on here a lot, I guess it's because I rarely close my browser as I have about 4 or 5 tabs running at once, and just don't bother. No, I am not scanning this system 24 hours a day. I'm already frustrated, that'd be like watching c-span 24/7. Informative, but not very entertaining.

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