Oh hell, where's he going with this?  

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5/3/2006 1:31 am

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Oh hell, where's he going with this?

Nowhere. I have too much stuff going on (school's almost done, work's giving me a problem) so I'm going to pick out the random shit in my brain and splatter it here (Mr. Nasty Analogies, at your service).

Tool and Godsmack. New releases. Life is good. So are the releases. "Hollow" by Godsmack, strange to hear Sully having a female singing with him. No offense, but kind of a Seether/Amy Lee ripoff?

Can't go back to work without a doctor's note from being sick last week. My mistake for not actually going to a doctor in the first place. I'm a guy. If it ain't broken, bleeding, or swollen to three times it's normal size, I don't go.

Just discovered this is the number one blog in Arizona. Even beating the females. That's just not right. ArtisticTwist75 adds more class to this state than I ever will. And she's female, much more attractive than this sleep deprived male.

Phoenix Suns still breathe in the playoffs. Good for them. It'd suck to see them go down in flames in the first round.

Arizona Cardinals look like a good team this year. Let me repeat. Arizona Cardinals look like a good team this year. Let me repeat. Arizona Cardinals look like a good team this year. If I say it enough times, maybe it'll finally be true.

Took some new pictures. I still suck at self portraits. Bad lighting. No facial animation. Gotta get some sleep after the semester ends so I can put something better up. Good God, are those circles under my eyes or is it just dark in here? I'll go with the bad lighting. I'm never doing full time school and work again.

I'm getting some interesting messages in my inbox these days. Interesting as in ones I actually like to read, not the "cumfuckmenow" crap.

Some more blogs you might find interesting. As I commented on this one, it may be the shortest and maybe unintentionally funniest title and entry I've seen yet. [blog OhBaby199] has some excellent reads on life with a good sense of humor (and I'm going to imagine her post about Phoenix, AZ is all about me. Hey, fantasies are fantasies).

I left a veiled attempt at a pickup line on another woman's blog. Seems to me every guy goes the direct route. I went for subtle. Didn't work. Guess I should break out the dic pics?

OK, enough of the rambling. I've got sleep to find and women to fantasize about. And studying. Ranked in the order of importance, not desire.

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