Now my other eagerly awaited post  

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Now my other eagerly awaited post

My view on gays. If you read my last post, you'll see I have some authority on this matter as a straight guy who has experienced one side of homosexuality.

Being gay is lazy. There. I said it. Why is it lazy, you are probably asking? I'll tell you why. It is so much easier to get along with memebers of the same sex. They know so much more about your thought processes, your physical needs, your passions. To expand on that a little, women have their periods, guys have their asses. Both have such appropriate metaphors about how each gender views the other. It's so much easier to find someone of the same gender who you like and get along with, so I think it's a natural evolution. In these days of distancing yourself from your neighbors and not being able to meet the "one" of the opposite sex at the places you might go to, it has become acceptable in this society to settle for a partner of the same sex.

I have discussed this theory with the gay friends I mentioned here, and they didn't totally disagree with it. It actually started out as just a funny observation I had made to one gay guy, and has sort of expanded into my whole wacky theory. Forget the scientific research, it's just easier to be gay.

But since I never do things the easy way, I guess I can't be gay. Sorry guys, this hunk (ok, bones) of a guy is still hetero, and working hard on finding his next relationship with a woman that hopefully doesn't end up like the last one. If it does, maybe we'll talk. lol. KIDDING!

Am I wrong about this, or is there some truth in what I say?

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