Late night introspection  

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4/20/2006 2:59 am

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Late night introspection

I got my Invisalign trays today. My brother in law dentist I wrote about here in Tired, worked up, can't sleep....trouble brewing says I should only have to wear them for about 4 1/2 to 5 months. They're actually pretty cool, except for the fact I gleek at the worst times. My coworkers have enacted a 5 foot safety zone when I look like I might say something. Just to piss them off, I'm going to research this weekend some exercises to strengthen my saliva glands.

Right now I'm watching one of my 2 cats wash herself. I look at that tongue and think if I had that long of a tongue in proportion to my body, I would be a busy boy keeping women entertained.

Yeah, I have 2 cats. I'll get all defensive by saying I'd love to have a dog, but I don't have the time for one. Dogs take effort and attention, just like women do (NO I'm not comparing dogs and women... in this post). I have a monster male cat I got while up in Oregon. He weighs 17.5 lbs and the vet says he's not really fat, just a big cat. This freakin feline can stretch up to the kitchen counter with his front paws, and he's more like a dog than just in size. He's just about impossible to startle, which I have never seen before in a cat. And trust me, I try. Loud noises, sneaking up on him when he's sleeping, nothing. He's not all that afraid of the vacuum either. He waits until I get close and then wanders off where it's quieter. The funniest thing I watch him do is he'll come out to the middle of the room, especially if I have a friend over, and lay on his back, front legs just below his chin, back legs all splayed out, like he wants his belly rubbed. He looks so adorable. I want to tell my friends that haven't seen him yet not to fall for it, but I don't. You reach down to pet him, and he takes that as an invite to snag your hand with his claws and start kicking like a rabbit. Now that's a guy's cat. Just like me and sex, he acts all cute and innocent to draw you close, then gets all animal on you when you do.

My other cat, though.... well, it was my ex GF's. When I first met her she said she was going through a divorce and had left the house. I found out later this was yet another lie, but no surprise there. Anyway, she had left her 2 kittens at her husband's house because she couldn't have them where she was staying. About a year into the relationship (after she had actually gotten a divorce), she calls me in tears, telling me how her husband and his friends had gotten drunk and pushed one of the kittens out into the backyard, where he kept his rottie and a pit bull. You can guess how much was left of that cat. She begged me to take this kitten in, and because I'm a good guy and I do love animals, I agreed. First thing I did was bring her (the kitten) to my vet to get shots and spayed, shelling out a hundred bucks or so. I fed her, watered her, made sure she was safe, I took care of her because it made my girlfriend happy.

What surprised me is when my GF and I broke up, she didn't even try to ask for the cat back. WTF. Her child adored that cat, and I would have had to let him have her. Now I have a cat that brings up all sorts of shitty memories. And I'm not the type of guy who would just give an animal up for something like that. Don't get me wrong, she's a sweetheart of a cat, but talk about mixed feelings.

I guess I'll close this post on that. Reminder, this weekend, I post my theory on gays. I get the feeling I might be building a dramatic crescendo only to fall with a thud, but hey, if it keeps you coming back...

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