Here we go, the first 20 of the 100 things you didn't know about me  

rm_LoyalCumpany 46M
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5/26/2006 6:29 pm

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6/1/2006 4:25 pm

Here we go, the first 20 of the 100 things you didn't know about me

I'll break it down a little, because I think y'all might have some comments or questions about these...

100. I was born in Phoenix, and stayed here for the first 19 years of my life.
99. I shouldn’t have been born (My mother was told she couldn’t bear any more children after my brother was born in 1966)
98. I should have drowned when I was 4, and again when I was 11.
97. My parents divorced when I was 6.
96. I was in advanced classes starting in the 3rd grade.
95. I had the same homeroom teacher in the 3rd and 6th grades.
94. I almost shot my 3rd and 6th grade teacher in the head. Missed him by a couple of inches.
93. That same teacher shot and killed 2 men in 1982.
92. I watched my sister kick my mother and break her hip when I was 8.
91. I played little league from 8 to 13.
90. My first year of little league, I played 3rd base and caught the very first ball hit to me with my eyes closed and my glove at my feet.
89. My second year of little league, my coach wanted me to play catcher because I had a strong arm.
88. I played little league with the manager of Dan Majerle’s (former Phoenix Suns player) restaurant.
87. I broke my left wrist in the first inning of the first game of the 1981 season by running into the shortstop going after a fly ball.
86. I stayed in the game.
85. I caught the last out of that game, and holy God that hurt.
84. My mother wouldn’t believe there was anything wrong with my wrist and didn’t take me to the doctor’s until the next day.
83. I lived in filth (cockroaches, moldy food, dirty dishes) because my mother was not a clean person.
82. I once hid in the dryer so I wouldn’t have to go to school.
81. I broke my pinky catching a nerf football when I was 11.

Comment away (I'm a whore today), and remember, still taking votes on gerson's bet. And don't forget, Sally Struthers and I still need your help (Told ya I'm a whore)!

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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5/26/2006 7:00 pm

So how come you missed the teacher?


rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 8:56 pm:
He (and got lucky?

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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5/26/2006 7:17 pm

yeah, what magnet asked and also - was it intentional or accidental? (the shooting, not the missing)

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 8:57 pm:
Was completely accidental. Since that one seems to be a popular question, I'll post the full story tomorrow or something.

rm_gerson42 52M
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5/26/2006 7:42 pm

Some of that's some heavy stuff. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
Thanks for the installment on the list.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 8:58 pm:
I tried to keep it a mixture of heavy and light. And to think, I haven't hit my teenage years yet...

bipolybabe 54F

5/26/2006 8:17 pm

Poor pinky. Let me kiss it better.

I prefer to ignore the heavy stuff and play in the featherweight division this evening.


Check out my blog Bi-Poly-Babe for more sensual, sexual pleasure!

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 8:58 pm:
Heh, I've broken both pinkies already. Both times playing sports...

waerlookin4fun 50M/46F

5/26/2006 8:25 pm

yeah what magnet asked.......btw that is a great pic up there, check out those dimples

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 9:00 pm:
Yeah, I'll be posting my profile pics along with these posts, and some other new ones. I guess I should go figure out how to make them bigger...

jadedbabe78 105F

5/26/2006 8:42 pm

On a nerf ball????? LOL

Plus, yeah...what magnet asked?? And what 1hot followed up with, lol.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 9:01 pm:
I was only good at baseball, not football.

dirtynastygirl2 54F

5/26/2006 8:54 pm

What is the deal with you and water? Or did you fall in the toilet?
Nice family life. We should exchange horror stories.
Do you still like to play baseball?
And what Magnet asked.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 9:07 pm:
Fell in the swimming pool at 4, my brother just happened to walk out to the backyard and see me at the bottom. He saved my life. Then I was walking on some deadfall while camping, over a swift river, and the branches broke under me. I managed to hold on and yell, lucky for me there were some people close enough to hear me and pull me out.

Thunder Dan, he's the man! A.J. and Seth Sulka. One has something to do with the Mercury, the other is Dan's partner.

Yeah, families are nice, aren't thay?

I'm looking to play softball again. Went out and spent $200 on a new bat last year, and now it's just sitting.

Full teacher shooting story soon.

rm_DaphneR 58F
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5/26/2006 9:21 pm

19 years is too damn long to stay in Phoenix. I really hate AZ.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 10:01 pm:
I had vacations, but this has always been my home state.

And is NM really that much better?

sensually_4ever 42M/F

5/26/2006 9:46 pm

hmm. I feel like I know you so much

sens spam *yes I know I lack my usual punch*

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/27/2006 3:22 am:
Aw gee sens, you haven't even seen more than 13 years of ny life yet.


curious082385 31F
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5/27/2006 1:05 am

Hid in the dryer, huh? Now that is an original idea!
Did it work?

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/27/2006 3:25 am:
Actually, it did work. My mom had already left for work and my brother got tired of looking for me.

Now if that only still worked for... work.

JeersPilarSaver 35F

5/27/2006 6:19 am

i dont know anything about u hmmm...u really have problem with water then nice to read this post !


rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/27/2006 7:54 pm:
Nah, no problems with water, oddly enough. Just had bad luck.

TheRealThing655 48F
9558 posts
5/27/2006 7:28 am

I always love reading these lists. Great job, and looking forward to the next installment!
I like the picture the smile
I've been to Phoenix before...I always wonder if the people there really agree to that whole, "Ya, it's hot, but it's a dry heat" thing. Is it really a dry heat when it's 110 out there?

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/27/2006 7:56 pm:
I promised a while back I'd try to post the newer profile pics so all members could see them. Figured this was as good a time as any.

It is a dry heat. Makes ya sweat so fast ya end up feeling like a mummy.

Smooth_GaL 34F
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5/27/2006 10:14 am

It's nice knowin more about you like the dryer thingy but hope my niece never does that as would freak out... Wished i could have smacked ure bro for stopped looking for you

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/27/2006 7:57 pm:
Heh, she ever goes missing, check the dryer AND the under the sheets in there.

Synn74 42F
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5/27/2006 8:55 pm

***big hugs***

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/28/2006 5:02 am:
**big kisses?**

real36CgirlPA 37F

5/28/2006 11:02 am

83. Damn, I thought I was the only one. My mom moved out of the old house months ago and we're still cleaning stuff out! I've gotten made fun of for not having 'basic' domestic skills already.

I can understand the hospital thing too. At our house you had to be close to death to be taken to the hospital.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/28/2006 10:37 pm:
Well, at least I got most of my cleanliness through the army and my dad. You?

Synn74 42F
1206 posts
5/28/2006 11:05 am

*blushes* but I like it

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/28/2006 10:38 pm:
Now I hear that Rolling Stones song in my head.

real36CgirlPA 37F

5/29/2006 12:07 pm

LoyalCumpany replies on 5/29/2006 1:37 am:
Well, at least I got most of my cleanliness through the army and my dad. You?

It's an effort some days, but I live in a tiny apartment right now so it's nearly impossible to not have a little clutter. I'm a stickler about dishes and old food though. I do tend to think some of my germ resistance comes from growing up in that environment at

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/29/2006 5:35 pm:
Ya know, sometimes I think the same thing, which is why I hardly ever get sick.

Though I wouldn't want anyone to boost their immune system the same way we did.

ArtisticTwist75 41F
2505 posts
5/30/2006 5:58 pm

Love the smile Loyal... It's a beaut...


rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 6/1/2006 4:26 pm:
Thanks, Artistic. Someone else told me it looked sneaky.

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