At your request, Sens m'lady. My first erotica post  

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At your request, Sens m'lady. My first erotica post

OK Sens, this is your story. My first piece of erotica on this site. Long winded of course, I might have to make this a miniseries.

“Where is he taking me?” you ask yourself on this warm, clear August night. You have just flown in at my request. I greeted you at the airport and we wandered over to pick up the small bag you bring with you. Just enough to change into for your return trip tomorrow. I have said nothing about where I’m taking you, just some nervous chatter about your flight and how you like the weather. I led you to my car and started driving down the highway.

We pass exit after exit, yet I don’t stop. You sit in your seat, asking me questions about where we’re going, but I just smile. I point out the few landmarks there are to see as we drive. The building where I work, the college I go to, the waterpark. The time seems to drag, but you wait, knowing we’ve been waiting for this moment for months. You wonder if I’m really who I say I am, what my plans might be. Am I dangerous? Was everything all an act?

The night gets darker as we leave the city, still driving east. You can see nothing but the dark desert, the lights of the city behind us, and a few lights ahead. The radio is playing something you can’t quite hear, just random background noise in the enclosed environment of the car. It’s just so quiet.

Suddenly, you see a streaking light in the sky. It brightens, and flares out. “What was that?” you ask. I finally speak. “It’s the present I wanted to give you”, I say as I pull off the highway onto a dark, deserted road. “It’s the Perseid Meteor shower. Under the desert sky you can see the whole horizon.” I pull off onto a dirt road, where you can barely see the lights of the city and you know there aren’t any other people around for miles. You still wonder if I am who and what I say I am.

I shut off the engine and the headlights. I take off my seatbelt and look at you with a hungry smile, and lean over to kiss you, softly, on the neck. A light kiss, just enough for you to feel the warmth of my lips and so I can smell your wonderful smell. I sit back up, open my car door, and step out. “Don’t move”, I say as I shut the door. I go to the trunk and open it. You look back to see what I’m getting, but you can’t. It doesn’t seem to be anything harmful.

I close the trunk and now you can see I’m carrying something underneath what looks like a blanket. I walk over to a sandy spot near the car and spread the blanket out. As I do this, you can see I was carrying a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. I set these down next to the blanket and walk to your door. I open it, reach over you to unlatch your seatbelt. I bring my lips to the other side of your neck, lightly kissing you again as I reach down and unlatch our seatbelt. I stand up and take your hand in mine, and help you stand up in front of me. I release your hand and stroke your hair, leaning in to finally kiss you on your waiting lips.

To be continued… (if requested)

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