First Erotic Story-- "Capture"  

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5/11/2006 2:25 pm

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First Erotic Story-- "Capture"

I awake and feel a sting on my wrists, opening my eyes i see i am tied with zap straps spread eagle on your bed..... "mmmmmm" i say.. muffled with a scarf wrapped around my mouth.. you wake and sit strench and get up naked paying me no mind and walk into the kitchen... "mmffff"you hear as you leave the bedroom... opening the fridge you pour yourself a glass of orange juice.. "MMMMMFFFFFF" you hear from the bed room... you turn on your TV and close the bedroom door so you can hear the tv. you pop some toast in and watch your morning show...half hour later you get up and take your dishes into the kitchen.... hmmm you feel a little horny.. you grab a glass of water and walk to the bedroom.. you walk in and set the glass on the nightstand...."are you thirsty?" you ask me.. a little disinterested... "umm hmmm" i answer.. "i want you to eat me out and you won't quech your thirst till you make me cum.... understand?" i hesitate.. you take off the scarf and say "I said. Do you understand? " "yes" i reply... "Yes what?"

"Yes temptress"

"that's better". you climb up on the bed and lower you dripping pussy onto my waiting thirsty mouth.... mmmmmm you moan..."that's nice" you grab the sids of my head and slowly grind yourwet lips against my tongue.. ahhhhhh. my tongue laps against you and you order me "faster" mmmmmm you start tingling and push your pussy even harder against my mouth... you can feel yourself about to cum.... you grab the head board and ride my face hard through out your climax. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

"Good boy" you say and tie the scarf again... "mmmmmfffff??!" "what about the water you ask?" oh that's for me you say as you drink it down.. "all that cum should keep you hydrated enough" "MMMMMFFFFFF" you open your dresser and get dressed for work.. you could shower but you like the smell of a freshly eaten pussy.. and you turn off the bedroom light and walk out the door for work.. as your day goes by and you email clients your mind wanders and you think about how it is nice to have your own captive sex slave.. i wonder if i should let any of my girls use him? he does have a nice sized cock and some of the girls are a little horny.... maybe another day... lunchtime arrives and you walk the three blocks back to your apartment... make a little lunch and phone a guy you went on a date with last week...and your mom, pay a bill do have a meeting or two later in the afternoon.... you reminesce about the pussy lashing you received that morning and your pussy aches a little..needs to be fillled... you look at your watch and walk into the bedroom while unbuttoning your remove your jeans and crawl onto the bed...seeing my limp dick laying on my stomach... you take me into your mouth.....he tastes good....his cock starts to fill with blood and you stroke it to life... i struggle and try to get a hand free.... "Calm down boy..or i will bite" you say with you teeth an inch from my growing cock.. you sroke it until it reaches a suitable solidity.. crawl up and lower yourself onto my cock and my struggling body.. it's nice and deep and still growing..... you rock forward and back rubbing your clit against my pelvic bone. ahhhhhh you grab my chest and continue slowly riding me.... "Good Boy. that's nice do it well and i might reward you." you ride harder and harder me .... "mmmmmffffff" "oh yeah boy oh yeah" "mmmmfffmm" "that's good....."you dig your fingernails into my chest draing a little blood and scatching them across my chest.. "ahhhhh..." you pinch my nipples and take pleasure in hearing me moan in pain.. "oh yeah .. oh yeah" you feel me pulsing inside you and you ride hard... yank off my scarf and bite my neck as you clench down on me cumming deeply.... you feel my warm cum fill you and gush out over my waist.... "ahhhhhh yes....good boy" you wait till we both stop pulsing and lift yourself off... you bend over and slurp the cum off my dick... "i love your taste... you tell me...what do you think" as you take a little juice from between your legs and drip on my mouth.. you give me a couple sips of water and return the scarf to my mouth... ahhhh that was a good stress reliever.... you take a quick shower and get dressed for work... relaxed and sated you leave agian for work... it sure is nice having a cock slave...everyone should have one.... You continue on with your day never paying him another thought till you get home from a date after work to feed him......

I am off tomorrow...

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