My Discreet encounters - The ex girlfriend  

rm_Lover0u 39M
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4/15/2006 8:09 pm

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4/16/2006 7:29 am

My Discreet encounters - The ex girlfriend

Ok..after thinking for a couple of days. i decided that i should write about my past discreet ecounters and rendezvous adventures etc.
anyway afterall my blog is about discreet r.s

First i like to start with my favourite discreet r.s that i have had for awhile.

i used to have a gf for about 3 years and we enjoyed lots of sex while together. while things didnt really work out in the end (perhaps i will touch on that in my later posts).

So the story goes, we broke up and after a couple of months we were in contact again. It happened one afternoon that i recieved a sms from her. "hey what are doing? you wanna to meet up for a drink. i am bored"

So we got together that nite and had a couple of drinks..though we had lots of heated argument etc in the past. it feels like it never did we drink the nite away,we were started to feeling horny as we got more tipsy.

The next thing we were back in my apartment and we engaged in lots of passionate kissing, soon i was starting to take of her clothes and at the same time she is taking off mine.

I proceed to lick her neck and down her chest..slowly proceeding to her breasts..(her's 80A) and begin to suck and a child licking a lollipop. She always loved the way i do that to her..she started to release soft moans..then i started to finger her pussy..she was already dripping wet.

I was sucking her breasts and fingering her..first one finger then 2. she couldnt stop moaning...(she was standing in the first place) now i made her lie down on the bed..and while i am rubbing and fingering her pussy..she began to suck on my rod. it was sensational..we did this for 30mins or so..

soon..she wanted me inside her badly..i teased her abit and delayed abit i contiune to rub her clits and fingering her pussy.
Now enuff of the teasing..i position her missionary and start to go slow and deep. i could feel her juices ozzing out while i pushed deep inside her.. this time she grabbing my i go deep inside her.. later i positioned her legs on my shoulders and did some deep intensive penatration. She was moaning away and didnt want me to stop.

next after doing lots of deep penetration..i move her over to doggy and had another intentsive deep and fast inside her. we did this on and on again..missionary,doggy,she on top.. for about 3hrs or so. she liked the position that she is on top of me..i would make her lie on me and i push into her fast and strong..

after the whole session, she orgasm a few times (i dun rem how many) and i came inside her while she is on top.

till now she is still my sex buddy that we meet once a week or once every fortnight for that mindblasting session. though she had a bf now, but we've meeting as usual. perhaps we cant just get enuff of one another.

happyladychat 47F
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4/16/2006 1:13 am

Dear LV,

Well... well... finally another post. Hmm... hope you never stop once you get started.

If I read as a writer... a little too graphic for my personal taste. But I guess guys would like this kind of writings, since male are more tuned towards action-packed stuff. It's no wonder your visitors are mostly guys.

And... if I just read without analysing the writing style... this is indeed a passionate encounter. Now I'm missing my lover.... Do you think I should sms him? Hmmm...

BTW, I'm fine coz I don't believe in sucumbing to unhappiness for too lone. Thanks for dropping by my blog to send your regards.

Make it your challenge.... turn me ON!!

rm_Lover0u 39M
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4/16/2006 5:47 am

hi happylady,

haha..ya..after having lot of discussion with my "G8" council of thoughts. i decided to hit the keyboard and start writing..

thanks for the comment. i was thinking if i should write in short details or in more action based context. but i guess a action based context would be great..cos i feel its like writing my discreet dairy..the one thing i could only do in this blog. for your lover..perhaps you should drop him a sms or something. is he as passionate as me??


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