Rule # 2 - The Rude Reply  

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8/28/2005 8:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Rule # 2 - The Rude Reply

After you have master Rule #1 and either met the preferences and emailed me and we are in the works of something fun and exciting or have read and realized "wait a second, I get it, this chic makes sense, I'll be on my merry way and find a girl for which I'm more fitting to her liking" or have read Rule #1 and gotten totally pissed because you didn't qualify. profile is NOT (amazingly enough) about you. This is about me. My preferences. My desires. That's what this site is about. It's not about making the exceptions in order to get an easy piece. It's about being able to explore a world that normally wouldn't exist. You get to find someone who gels with you sexually BEFORE you get there, do it and hate it.

Equally, this site should be about you on your turf. Make your profile worthwhile. Specify what it is you seek. To woman, a man with a purpose is more desirable.

I'm not here for you to like my personality. I don't want to know your life story. It's all about SEX!!! SEX PEOPLE!!! THAT'S IT! This is not a site for future marriage proposals. We all wanna have some sexual preference fulfilled so why settle for anything other than what you want EXACTLY?!?!?! Just to keep the haters from posting on your blog or emailing you hate mail?

Come on...if it don't fit, you must split! (Sorry Johnny C. RIP) I don't go beating on the doors of guys that seek someone totally different than what I have to offer and I would appreciate the same respect back.

You find me a ton of good pussy on this site that's not tranny or linked to a pay site and your pickin's are slim and we woman have the better batch to choose from. So don't hate, do something to stand out to other woman who might adore you for who you are and what you have vs. hating on the woman who don't. Easy enough. So Rule #2 - Avoid the RUDE REPLY.

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