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About Taking a Woman

Just posted this on question line. Guess I'm a little timid about putting my life on this blog, but if there are people out there that are interested and would benefit, then guess I will. I'm quite an interesting case. Been on a healing journey for over 20 years. has led me into pshychology and spirituality, and have lived in India, Costa Rica, Honduras, Aspen, Mill Valley CA, West Palm Beach, etc, etc,...

Anyway, here's my recent post in question column. Maybe I'll start to make regular posts here, and also write some mag articles. You see, I'm hopefully close to beginning on some books that I intend to publish on my journeys. So what's the journey? Well, was it a kundalina or spiritual awakening, or was it from a previous car accident, where I cracked a frontal sinus. Don't know. Just know that I was in a successful career 20+ years ago, and then another one, and then gave it all up, so I could focus on healing self, and doing whatever research it required, which is what my adult life has been about. Here's my recent question post. Let me know if you thing I should say more about my journey and learnings.

One of the issues between my soon to be ex wife is that after we were married, she started to impose rules on our sex life, where previously, i could do what I wanted and she seemed to be totally into it, and was very sweet. Now she says she doesn't like to recieve oral sex, and even the giving OS had dried up substantially. My feeling is that sex is an opportunity for my playful and animal side to express itself. I love to Take the woman.... in other words to have my way with her. To make her my love doll. Of course no one gets hurt. However, there is a close relationship between pain and pleasure....they are two side of the same specturm. As I loosened up since I was a repressed teenager or 20 something, my animal will sometimes like to grap a handul of hair, while fucking. I also like to sometimes fuck her very shallow, and when she's getting "close", then I pound it deep. Sometimes my love has almost lost it, and tried to push me off, but I had her so rapped up, and held so tight, that had was powerless. Later she told me how amazing it was, to have me fucking her deeply, when she was already so sensetive and cumming. I love have my way with the lady!!!!!! And of course, it's all in fun. I guess I'm an animal!
Sure will be glad to get back with a woman who loves all kinds of sex, as this woman I married, is repressed and not open to exploring.
NOW HERE's A REAL QUESTION: is it sensible to leave a marraige over sexual differences (there's more to it with us, but it's still a worthy question)


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