Ok who wants to go first?  

rm_LostLilSoul 46F
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5/13/2005 3:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ok who wants to go first?

Sorry I havent written in awhile but Ive had computer problems on top of feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and a slight bit pissed off.. and I think I deserve a good spanking for slacking off on keeping you all up to date..so who going to go first??? You know I got into BDSM or actually more D/s several years back but havent had a Dom to sub to for a very long time and I really miss that. How nice it would be to have someone take control of everything around me and let my only thoughts be of existing for only his happiness. Then I wouldnt have this stress and I would be able to slack off or stay in bed,,lol,,D/s is a wonderful thing and I have decided its not something I want to live without,,, I love when a man I care about Dominates me and I love doing everything that pleases him,, even if its not something I want to do,, thats how you learn to enjoy things you wouldnt normally enjoy,, I think I said that right,,anyway,, how many of you know about D/s ? and what are your thoughts about it? I wish more men around my age got into it and would learn how to be a good Dom,, that would be a super plus in my book but in my experience you dont find many young guys involved in it,,most Doms are older..and I have also found , most people think BDSM or D/s is just about giving someone an ass spanking or hurting someone but thats not it at all,,, its much deeper, its a bond between 2 people built on complete trust and you could almost have a perfect relationship with it.. I had a Dom that used to give me a list of things I had to do everyday, and one of the things on that list was at 10am I had to fold the laundry naked in front of the sliding glass door that faced the parking lot of his apartment complehe lived on the second floor) one day he sat out in the parking lot to see if I was following directions and I think I over slept or something but I didnt do it,,, that night when he got home,, he made me strip bare and stand in the corner for 30 minutes, completely ignoring me,, I hated it but I tell you what,, I didnt miss folding the laundry at 10 am ever again,,lol,, I need that cuz Im a brat and I need help being good sometimes and I cant think of any better way then a handsome Dominate man teaching me how to be good,,, your thoughts please,,, is this normal thinking??/ lol

niceandslow65 51M
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5/13/2005 9:25 am

A very interesting post, good to see you are still about.

As to normal or not, if it works for you and no one is getting hurt, then I don't see it as abnormal.

iathrobber 49M
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5/13/2005 3:29 pm

That is hot, I will go 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ..........

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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5/14/2005 4:48 am

I posted here yesterday and it's gone and I tried to post a second time and couldn't after eleven tries. I do understand about D/s. You're right that it's not all about the punishment. It's about the strong personality and presence that you feel compelled to please. I truly miss not having a sub. Someone that lets themself be completely in love with their Dom is a great find. I wish it were me.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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5/16/2005 6:13 am

Here's the post I tried over and over to post. The "First" one said "I'll go first" and it was the first response to your post. The follow up was this one that I had saved because I was trying so many times to get it posted.

Now that I have your attention. Yes, I understand D/s and your right it's not about punishing you, although that may be needed. It's more about assuming power and making you want to please and satisfy no matter what the request. It's about having a strong, forceful personality more than a strong hand. You can have both, but you must use them appropriately. I had noticed some bondage gear in a previous blog but said nothing, so I'm glad you brought it out. Now tell me what you think when you read this. Damn it! You've given me a hardon! That's one of the things we'll have to address. Btw, I tried ten times to post this. Make it eleven

charlespleasesir 52M
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5/20/2005 5:07 am

Very interesting post... Very few people get D/s the way you do... Makes me smile and believe there is one out there for me.....
I like punishment when your bad also... one of my favorites is to play with you for an hour or two but not let you cum.... Madeningly frustrating... especialy when I send you away afterwards.....

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