My Sunday night thoughts,,,  

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4/27/2005 9:34 pm

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My Sunday night thoughts,,,

Well I just got out of a nice hot bubble bath and I crawled into my nice king sized waterbed,,closed my eyes and this little fantasy creeped into my mind. I had just gotten on AdultFriendFinder and I was checking my mail. I came across an email with the title "surprise",, It was from a man 37 yrs old, very nice looking , casually dressed with the most beautiful eyes i'd ever seen. In this email he wrote," You have a surprise that awaits you, one without worries, one without pressure, one with no expectations other than to bring a smile across your pretty face. If you would allow me 3 days out of your life, I would like to take you away from the stress youve been going threw and remind you that you are a woman who deserves better then you have in some time. I want to see you happy, laugh, smile, and to get to know you as much as I can in the days we are together. I do not expect sex, I dont expect anything other then to see you happy. I will send you all my contact info so you can check me out, im harmless,,but there is one condition, every minute will be a surprise. I will have a ticket waiting for you at the airport friday morning and you will start there. I hope to see you whereever you may land"
WoW I thought,,how adventurous!! and just what I needed,,I packed my bag and nervous as I was, Friday morning I went to the airport..So many things we'r going threw my mind as I was high in the air..and soon my problems and stress seem to melt away,, I landed in calif. and as I walked off the plane , someone was holding a sign with my name on it. I was taken to a limo that then took me to a beautiful hotel. There was a key waiting for me and when I finially got to my room , there was a single rose on top of a box in the center of my bed.. I opened the box and a beautiful black dress and matching shoes we'r inside along with a note that read" please meet me in the dining room at 8 sharp" ,,,I was so excitd to meet this man who had put so much thought into making me feel happy that I almost couldnt wait,, I got ready,, curled my hair, put on black silk stockings with the line that goes up the back with black thong and black bra. and very nervously made my way down to the dining room,, I kept thinking,,what if he doesent like me,, or if he doesent like how I look in person,,or that my tattoos might bother him,, I was so unsure of myself due from all the mental abuse Ive had in my life,,,but when I walked threw the door ,looking around, this handsome man came up with a huge smile and a twinkle in his eye, and he said glad to finially meet you kimberly as he took my arm in his and walked me to my seat. We had a great time talking thre dinner and afterwards he took me around town showing me all the hot spots.. On the way back to the hotel, I slid over to sit next to him,,I had wanted to kiss him all night but he never made a move on me,,and I knew he wouldnt because he had told me ,, no pressure,no expectations,,so I boldly faced him looking into his eyes and asked him if I could kiss his soft lips,,he said " i thought you'd never ask" and he kissed me long and deep,,exploring my mouth with his tongue..omg,, that was all it took and we we'r tugging and pulling at each others clothes, kissing and touching like 2 wild animals,,I wanted him soo bad,,then all at once the car had stopped and the driver came around and opened the door, I was straddiling him as he lay on his back in the seat..I kinda fell off as he sat up,,,we both started laughing and got out of the car trying our best to straighten up our clothes and hair that we'r both a mess,,we maintained ourselves until the elevator doors closed and then we we'r back at it. I said I cant wait any longer,,and ive always wanted to do it in an elevator,,so he reached over and pulled the stop button..One side of the elevator was glass so you could see the other elevator that was next to the one we we'r in...Kissing my mouth,, my neck ,,he slid my dress off my shoulders and kissed his way to my breasts,,taking my hard nipples into his mouth..his hands sliding up my legs under my dress,,letting his fingers find their way to my very wet thong,,pushing that to the side,,he fingers my swollen clit,,he sets me up in the corner of the elevator with my legs resting on the railing that went around the inside of the box.I whisper " now,,,i want to feel you inside me" He let his pants drop,,his cock rock hard ,, I wrap my fingers around it,,its so big and so hard,,I guide in to my dripping pussy and he slowly slide deep inside me,,,god he felt sooo good,,He starts fucking me slow at first ,,and as I was moaning I turn my head and see the next elevator full of people all eyes on us and then i remembered where we we'r,, when my eyes caught sight of this, he followed my gaze and smiled big and started fucking me faster,,,so deep and hard,,,moaning ,,,my tittys bouncing,,,I said "yes yes your going to make me cummm,,," I felt his cock start to swell at the base and knew he was going to cum soon too,,,and as soon as his cock was ready to shoot like a cannon ,, I came soo hard that pussy clamped his cock tight" oh goddd yessss,,, " I felt him explode inside me,,my pussy throbbing around his cock,,,he let out a long moan ,,, and he kissed me and said how wonderful that was,, we quickly took a bow to the next eleator full that was passing by, and pushed the stop button and continued up to the room... we had a wonderful time for the rest of my 3 day surprise,,, I will have to tell you the rest sometime,,, That would be a dream come true and made a great little fantasy,,, hope you enjoyed it

ImreadyinIowa 48M

4/27/2005 10:44 pm

You got me excited... You're an attractive woman with a lot of energy. Makes me wonder if you're for real...

ExcitedSenses 38M

4/28/2005 10:27 am

wow i wish you'd come visit me like that, you know you'd be taken care of

upifthewindblows 45M

4/28/2005 4:32 pm

Your always full of surprises, and a very good imagination. I LIKE IT...

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