Here is a little piece of me  

rm_LostLilSoul 46F
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7/26/2005 4:44 pm

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8/30/2006 11:11 pm

Here is a little piece of me

I wrote this a long time ago when I learned alot about life,,,tell me what you think,,I didnt get much feedback on the last one so Im still not sure about spending all that time putting all of my poems into a book...

Do you know what its like to be without a home?
No place feels safe and I'm so alone.
The people are hateful and full of spite,
and you pray to God to get threw the night.
To sleep in a park, a bench for a bed,
it almosts makes me think I'd be better off dead.
The degrading things I've had to do,
like dancing in bars more then a time or two.
Giving up my soul to total strangers for a dollar,
as I slowly die inside as they hoot and hollar.
To weak to smile, to tired to fight, I try to tell myself I will be alright,
but will I be? or is it just a lie, I am begging for change just to get by.
I sit around and think of all the little things that I miss,
like my mom tucking me in and her goodnight kiss.
I miss having a shower or a hot meal,
All the little things that used to be no big deal.
This world is so evil and full of hate,
this burden is more than I can take.
I miss feeling safe and holding my own,
Its so lonely on the streets without a home.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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7/27/2005 9:02 am

Good enough to hurt. But it is good to know these feelings, everyone needs to know what it is like.

1chocothunder 39M
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7/27/2005 11:17 am

you're more than beautiful you're meaningful. i read through several of your post and i was very impressed. i have never been homeless, always have been pretty spoiled but your poem made me think. you have brains honey! it would be nice to sit down and chat sometime. maybe meet for a drink or coffee. like i said you have a lot more than great looks. you have expression! write me sometime. chocothunder

22_nova 38M
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7/29/2005 7:56 am

keep on educating the world u have a graitmind

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