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I am going to give this one last attempt.. I am in need of a lawyer who is ready to take on a very special case,,,its a high profile case,,it has never been tried in court before and is a first of its kind to my knowledge. The reason I have decided to do it this way is because my time is up in Dec. and the firm who was going to take the case would not start it until 2000.00 dollars was paid affront and frankly I don't have it. I was told this is a multi-million dollar case and I have DNA proof proving my claim. The story behind this case is unbelievable but I documented everything,,,I tried getting the 2 thousand dollar retainer fee by offering a contract with the person who would loan me the money stating they would get their 2 thousand dollars back plus I would give them 5% of the remanding amount after all fee's were taken out but was backed out on twice,, so I thought it was worth a shot. I hate seeing them get away with what they are doing,, believe me its worth finding out about,,, if your interested in hearing more let me know

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I'm interested from the human as well as the science stand point. Could ya g8ive me a little more info. I have a biology/science background (make vaccines for a living). May be I can give ya a good angle to argue. Hoep to hear from ya soon.
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I am more than an interested party, as should all good people be when the potential for misuse of government power has come into play. By the date of this posting, I will have sent a $500 money order to help fund a lawsuit aimed first at a negligent testing facility and hopefully end at the doorstep of a government agency. Though it is no small amount of money to me, I would be remiss if I stood idly by and watched while another was treated poorly.

The Department of Human services has a long list of complaints against it. This problem is not restricted to the State of Iowa, but is a national problem with recorded abuses well documented. Part of the issue at hand is the federal funding of their programs; money that increases as more children are “protected” from their families. The DHS actively recruits people who may have suffered abuse in their past because it is felt these people will have a better understanding for the work. Instead, these people approach their job with indifference and fanaticism, wreaking destruction upon families for no other reason than it feels like “the right thing to do.”

This is directed at those individuals who have abused their power to further personal agendas. This is directed at the government that uses tax payer money without regard for the lives it destroys. Their message of justified attrition is buttressed by the illogical argument that they sometimes get it right. “Sometimes” is not nearly sufficient. “Sometimes” leaves too many others hurt, distraught, and angry at a government that should be respecting the rights of parents and children alike.

I do understand that the DHS serves a legitimate purpose in society. People exist who abuse their children physically and emotionally. Others abandon children by refusing to pay child support and leave single parents and children to struggle on alone. Good people also work hard trying to protect children from the evils of the world and they have the misfortune to work with those who seek revenge and justice for the sins of the past.

My money goes to put a stop to those who wrongfully ruin lives.

I do not know the person who asked for help. Chances are that in our lives, we may never meet though we live near one another. This act of monetary generosity is not because I have the means but because I feel it is the right thing to do. If I could have fully funded her venture, I would have but I am left giving only a small portion. It is not a nonsensical ideal I join the fight for but the value of family.

In the final analysis, five hundred dollars was a small price to pay to change the world around us. Many people who will read this will think they are powerless to do a thing; that change is a lofty but unattainable ideal. In the world, change does not take place with huge eruptions and earthquakes, it begins with the shifting of a grain of sand; the small drop of water in the still pond. From the tiniest of movements, the world turns and transforms second by second, day by day.

It’s just one person trying to fix a family by bringing light to the darkness that rendered it in pieces. A person who has asked for help from strangers and friends alike hoping that not all ears would be deaf nor all hearts hardened. It is help I have tried to deliver but also hope. A hope for a future reckoning of the guilty. Hope that mine will not be the only offering of comfort.
- J

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