Breakfast Jamie Style  

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4/7/2006 10:36 am

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Breakfast Jamie Style

Have you ever woke up and came at the same time?

She emailed me one night and told me to leave my door unlocked when I went to bed. That was all she said. So naturally I thought she would be by late or early 1 or 2 am. Going to sleep was almost impossible. Every noise was her coming in I was like a kid waiting for Santa Claus.

I just never knew what to expect with her I finally drifted off to sleep and started dreaming of her and the erotic times we have had. This dream was HOT and the feelings and pleasure so intense that it felt real!!! In my dream state I can't decide if I'm cumming or about to piss in the bed. As that thought touches my mind the decision is taken out of my hands, I cum as I come fully aware of her mouth moving up and down ny dick as I cum and keep cumming, Shes moaning and I can smell the sweetness of her arousal (strawberries). Our eyes met in the early morning light as she engulfed me and moved her pussy over my face. She moved her pussy slowly up and down on my face as she continued to work her magic on my swollen shaft. I was drowning from her wetness and my dick felt like it was in a vacuum cleaner, and the vacuum was on fire!!!!!!!!

The sensory overload was building, I seemed to feel every inch of my body and everywhere her soft body was touching me was on fire. Then she stopped and moved off me and moved up to kiss me, her hand working slow circles around the head of my dick. She moved her body on top of mine and started sliding slowly up and down the length of my dick. Her clit was hard as a rock as she slid down and then slowly back up.

I can feel her hot pussy lips on the side of my dick and the feeling and the wetness and her awesome ability to kiss forever is quickly bringing me to the edge. I put my hands on her face as our kiss becomes even more passionate, she moves faster and grinds harder into my dick, I cum and she moans, and in the next instant she slips me inside her. With each downward thrust she moans in my mouth as she continues to cum, her pussy is milking my dick with each contraction.

Exhausted we lay there, I run my fingers thru her hair and the only sound is that of the morning and our breathing.

When she moved again it was to kiss me deeply and slowly, running her fingers thru my hair until I started to rise again. Then she pulled away and smiled as she got up and went to the bathroom, after a few minutes I went in to check on her and as usual she was gone.

She was my first FB! I'm begining to think she was truly "ONE OF A KIND"

Tell us about your first FB and what would you prefer:
A: One night stand
B: A Steady FB

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4/8/2006 2:38 pm

I want for you to be my regular sound extra delish...cant wait to talk to you...smooches...QueenB

Come on over...let's play in my Castle! The hide and seek is awesome!


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