The Begining  

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3/13/2006 8:14 am

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The Begining

I have written several stories about my life. Let me know what you think about them and if you would be interested in me continuing.

There comes a time when your mind becomes so loaded with experiences that
you must tell someone about them to allow new ones to take their places.
They become a part of your everyday life. They affect you in the form of
daydreams, not allowing a moment to concentrate on the job at hand. At
first they are no more than just a fast glimpse of a girl in your past.
Quickly she passes, but give her a few moments, she'll be back. When she
comes back however watch out! She is going to be more than you can handle.
She will come to you in a form more beautiful than she ever really was. She
becomes exactly what you want. Exactly what you wished her to be, whether
it be an actual past experience or and experience you wished to have happen
that for some unknown reason never did. But you know why they didn't happen
don't you? You were too nervous to make them happen. To ask her to do
something special to turn you on even more or to spend more time to turn
her on even more. In your dreams everything seems to work out right doesn't
it? She is putty in your hands. Doing everything your little heart desires.
If your heart wishes to please her more than anyone else she will moan and
groan and thrash and throw just the way you like. Wouldn't it be wonderful
if all your daydreams were true? If you spend enough time daydreaming about
the way you wish your past had been or the way you hope your future will
be, you will find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to go right.
You keep wishing for things to happen but they never do because you won't
work hard enough to make them happen. You think because they work so easily
in your dreams that it shouldn't be too much harder in real life. But it
is. Let me tell you about some of my experiences and you decide for
yourself if they are true or not. Some will be real experiences and some
will be the things that I wished had happened. Most of it will be real but
does it really matter? As a person is growing up they have, as all people
do, their first sexual experience. I am referring to the first time that
you come in contact with a girl. Most guys first encounter is usually a
girl with whom you are actually experimenting. You may not think you are
experimenting at the time but if you look back at it you feel very
inadequate and tell yourself how dumb you were not to know what you were
doing. That is how I look back at my first encounter. I was young and
stupid but boy was it was fun while it was happening.

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