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I have written several stories about my life. Let me know what you think about them and if you would be interested in me continuing.

After I started school, I always looked for another Kathy. I always had a girl in every class that I would fall in love with, or at least I always thought it was love at the time, but there was never another Kathy.

I had a lot of friends, both boys and girls, in my neighborhood and we did the normal things that kids did. We lived next to a swamp and we spent most of our time hunting, fishing and playing there. One of the things we did was build forts and play war. These forts were very isolated and provided a great escape from the world and adults.

Toni and I always built our fort together. Because we were a team, we always had the best fort. We would continually add on to it until it had everything we wanted. Most of our friends would pitch-in and help us build on our fort. It turned into the focal point for all the neighborhood kids.

One of my best friends was Danny. Danny was a few months older than me and had a sister, Darlene, that was 18 months younger than him. Danny thought of himself as a bad ass but didn’t mess with Toni or me. He was only a bad ass in front of younger kids and every time he tried anything with someone near his age, he would get his ass kicked. He also talked about all his conquest with the girls. I think he may have been partially truthful about that because when you ask every girl you see, you get lucky sometimes. However, Danny was always getting beat up by some girl’s brother or boyfriend, plus I never saw it happen.

The fort was an ideal place to get girls to come to and play “I’ll show you mine if you show me your’s.” Danny was usually the instigator because he had more balls than I did about that kind of thing. When I did have a girl there, I was more tactful than Danny. I would talk about generalities that worked up to sex. The final lines would usually go this way.

Have you ever seen one?


I tell you what, I show you mine if you show me your’s.

To my surprise, three out of five times, when I got to that point, we were both ready to pull our pants down. We would usually touch each other but it never went much further than that.

One afternoon, there was about eight of us hanging around at the fort when Danny decided to work on Toni. He asked me what I thought his chances were of trying to see Toni’s pussy. I told him, “less than none and then she would kill him.” Danny said that Toni was just a girl and he was sure he could charm the pants off of her.

Toni was a very friendly person that liked everybody she met. She enjoyed boys company as much as she did girls. She told me that she didn’t really see the big deal about boyfriends and girlfriends. Her philosophy was, “be friendly with everyone,” and she was. However, Toni was one person that it was best not to cross. I have seen her take down people a lot bigger and older than her, and very few would come back for seconds. Toni could be vicious when she needed to be.

Danny started making his move on Toni by going over next to her and talking. I couldn’t hear what Danny was saying to her but Toni looked at him like he was some kind of a weirdo. I would love to have heard the discussion because I could see Toni’s face getting red which means she is getting mad. Toni knew about this little Show Me game, and I could see the fire brewing in Toni.

All of a sudden, Toni said very loud so everyone could hear, “You want to see my pussy, well, let me see your dick first.” At the same time, Toni pulled Danny’s shirt off over his head before he had time to think. Toni is almost yelling, “Wow, I’m going to see Danny’s dick,” as she reached down and grab his ankles and pulled his feet straight up and pulled his shoes off. Danny had sometime to think about what was happening and attempted to resist, but Toni wasn’t going to have any part of that. As she was saying, “I bet he has a big one, I just can’t wait to see it,” she put her foot on his neck and while he was trying to move her foot, she undid his belt then rolled him over on his stomach. Toni did this so fast that Danny was a little dazed and was having trouble defending himself. Toni then grabbed Danny’s waistband and pulled his pants straight up and off. Toni dropped the pants and grabbed Danny’s ankles again and started dragging him face down toward the edge of the fort.

While she was dragging him, she told Danny in a very loud voice, “Wow, look at that tiny thing down there. To hear you talk, I thought your’s would be bigger. Now I’m going to show you mine and I bet you want to fuck it too so here we go.” At that point she drug him into the mud in the swamp face down and pulled him around for about thirty seconds, then dropped his feet. Danny was trying to get up but had so much mud on him that he kept slipping down. Toni was still talking loud telling us how good Danny was and it was the best she had ever had. The whole time Danny is trying to gather his senses and stand up, Toni grabbed his clothes and left.

All this happened so fast that everyone that was watching started to come their senses about the time Toni left. We all started to laugh so hard we could hardly stand-up. Danny is standing there butt naked and covered with mud and is cussing Toni and the rest of us with every word he can think of. Still steaming Danny walks over to the water's edge and jumps in and cleans the mud off. Eddy, Danny’s next door neighbor, tells him that he better leave the mud on. Danny tells him to kiss his ass and then proceeds to tell all of us to kiss his ass.

By the time Danny cleaned himself off and is getting out of the water, we are still trying to control ourselves. When Danny asked where his damn clothes are we break down into laughter again. Danny is screaming now out of anger with us and his inability to find his clothes. Eddy finally breaks down and tells Danny that Toni took them.

Danny screams “What the!”, then his face changed into horror because it just dawned on him what has happened.

Now Danny is really scared and mad. He knows he will have to go through the swamp and through the neighborhood butt naked. In a panic he starts demanding we give him our clothes and tries to start fighting with all of us. We all tell him to get lost and we run back to the neighborhood and wait to see how he handles this.

As we are waiting, we talk about all that happened and tried to figure out how Toni did it. With all the commotion every kid in the neighborhood gathered around and they heard every detail of what happened. Most accounts were true but some were added to make it even better. The only thing we all agreed on was that no one deserved it more than Danny.

Kind hearted Darlene, Danny’s sister, ran home and grabbed some clothes and took them back to the swamp to Danny. Darlene said she has to live in the same house with him even if he did deserve it.

I had to agree with Darlene. It would be hell living in the same house with Danny for the next few days. So Darlene stayed at her girl friends' homes till Danny cooled off a little.

Danny wasn’t seen for a while and it all died down but the events of that afternoon were never forgotten. What I do know is Danny never did anything out of line with Toni again.

When I got home, Toni was in her room and steaming.

She asked me, “Do people think of me as some kind of a tramp?”

I told her, “No! That is just the way Danny thinks. Everyone else looks up to you. Danny thinks all girls are a tool for his pleasure and that is one reason he is always getting his ass kicked.”

Toni just laughed and we talked about all that happened and had a good laugh about it.

Danny was very cool around Toni for a while but they finally forgave each other and became good friends again. Needless to say, Danny or anyone else never tried to mess with Toni again.

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