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10/18/2005 8:55 am

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Best sex memories

At work this past weekend my co-worker and I are shooting the breeze as all people do while working on mindless projects. As guys, we bust on each other, everything from the size of our nuts to who our old lady is banging while we are at work. Anyway, we got to talking about sexual encounters we remembered and why some stick out in our memories more than others. So I thought I'd post this and see what makes one encounter more memorable than another. Here are some I can remember vividly.
1: The time I had my wisdom teeth pulled out, left the hospital and went over my girlfriends "of about 6 months" house. It was late June, I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I was 22, she was 18 and still living at home. Her parents were at work, she met me at the door in a powder blue teddy, her long black hair brushed out and hanging down to her butt. The site of her got me aroused but I had 2 huge rolled up gauze pads on either side of my mouth, could barely speak, and in a bit of pain. She had me lie down on the living room couch, and left to get me some ice. I dozed off, and woke up with her naked, blowing me, and an ice pack on my jaw. She told me that I should just relax and let her do everything. She turned around and straddled my face but did not sit on my mouth, rather she fingered herself over me so I could smell her fragrance and watch as her pussy became wet with her juices, all the while keeping her mouth on my cock. I can still feel her nipples rubbing agains't my belly as her mouth worked her way down my shaft. I swear I can even smell her aroma today if I close my eyes. The rest of this story is standard fare..she mounts me, ridding me excruciatingly slow until she orgasms,then faster to make me cum. I had been given painkillers and I think it had an effect because she rode me for what seemed like hours without me cumming. Eventualy, she became sore after several more orgasms, and dissmounted. We had not moved onto anal sex yet and so she went down on me to finish me off. It took her quite a while, but eventualy I had one of the best cumms I can remember. We spent the entire day on the living room couch with her taking care of me. I remember her even getting a big cup, and holding my cock in it so I could pee so I wouldn't have to leave the couch....YEAH< I did marry her !!!

2: The first time with my wife ( lady from 1st story ). We had dated a few times, kissed, fondled, but not much else. We both wanted it and since we worked days decided to take a day off. I went to pick her up, and she met me at the door in a bathrobe. She told me I was early( we were supposed to go out ) and she had just gotten out of the shower. I remember making a "yumm" comment to her about how good she must taste all clean and so forth. We went to her room, and after closing the door began making out. She was naked under the bathrobe. I gave her head while she was standing and was rewarded with her first cumm of the day. I picked her up and took her to the bed, where I continued giving her oral until she came again, and then pulled me up so she could put me in her. We f*cked and sucked nearly all day. She lost count of how many times she cummed ( talk about multi-orgasmstic ) and i'm fairly certain I got off 5+ times.

3: I was 18, on summer vac, my folks had left for the weekends and had double dated with my best friend( Mark) and his girlfriend (Angie) and her best friend from out west(Lisa). We went out to eat, and were planning to see a movie afterwards. Mark got sick at the resteraunt and went home. Angie was pissed. He asked me to take her along to the movies as a third wheel. I didn't mind since she was a friend also. We went to the movies, and I had a blond on either side of me. Lisa was clearly horny because she kept stroking my crotch the whole time and would rest her head on my shoulder and nibbled on my ear. i can't remember what Angie was doing at that point because Lisa kept me distracted. As we were leaving the theater, there was a group of guys eyeballing us and I made a comment about how much of a stud I must look like to them having two babes with me. They both laughed, and Lisa started licking my lips, while to my surprise, Angie grabbed my ass. In my mind it was fun & games and I didn't think much about it. We headed back to my house, and found Mark standing in the driveway. He was pissed because we had been gone so long. He accused me of banging Angie. Before I could defend myself, Angie got in his face and told him to grow up. They went outside to argue, while me and Lisa went into the family room to watch tv. After a while Angie came down, and asked me if I could drive her home since she had just broken up with Mark. I started to get up, but she told me that it didn't have to be right away. We talked for a while, and then the movie Heavy Metal came on. I had popped a bottle of wine that I swiped from my Dads wine collection and we were pretty relaxed by then. If you're familiar with that movie, it's an animation flick with all the boobs and ass that you can get away with. I know it got all of us hot. I remember mentioning that my neck was sore during the movie. Angie was studying to be a nurse and volunteered to give me a neck massage. Again, thinking nothing of it, I acepted. She had me sit on the floor with my back up again'st the couch and she moved up to the edge. I did notice that she had hicked up her skirt very high to be able to open her legs and get them past my shoulders. This meant that her pussy was right up at the edge of the couch behind my head. Angie worked her hands all over my neck and shoulders. Since she was doing a great job on my neck, plus the wine, and the movie I got a hardon. I tired to be discreet, but how can you with a tentpole sticking up out of your pants. Angie must have been the first to notice it, because suddendly, her hand were working their way down to my chest, and she started tweeking my nipples. A few seconds later, I felt Lisa's mouth on mine and her hand on my crotch. I'm a little blurry what exactly happened next, but my next recollection was that my pants and underwear were down around my ankles, Lisa giving me a blowjob, while I played with her exposed tits, and Angie strocked my chest. Lisa then stood up and began completely undressing and Angie grabbed my head and had me turn around which placed my mouth directly on her glistening pussy. I did'nt dive in at first, because she was my best friends girl ( in my mind they were still an item)but at that moment, Lisa had leaned over and started kissing Angie and playing with her tits through her shirt. I had never had a threesome before, and seeing Lisa kiss Angie threw me over the edge. I dove in and worked Angies muff like a thirsty man at the only well in the desert. This memory is not as clear as the others, so I only have certain "snapshots" of it. i remember Lisa laying on the floor underneath me with me inside her, with Angie hanging her ass over hte edge of the couch and my eating her out. I can remember Angie blowing me, while Lisa sat on my face. I can remember Angie sitting on Lisa's face while I mounted her and so on. I can also remember NOT mounting Angie during the whole time. ( I know, why did that matter then )but for some reason I could not go that far. I remember that I was doing Lisa doggy style, while she ate out Angie. This led to everyone cumming. Me on Lisa's back, and Angie in Lisa mouth. I drove them home about 1 am, and had another round with Lisa that morning. Mark never believed me that I did not do his girlfriend. (eating ain't cheating!!)
They would later get married, but divorced after 2 years. Mark found out Angie was sleeping around ( go figure).
Ok, so any comments as to why these encounters stand out for me?

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