What is going on?  

rm_LiveinDoll 48F
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8/18/2006 5:48 pm
What is going on?

Well I've come across some very lovely women, great pic's. Fun email's, sexy ass hell phone chat's.

So I've ask to meet some people for coffee, you know, to see if we clik. Plus to see if there crazy or not. And the moment you ask to meet, that's it you never hear from them. So what is going on?

If you want to just email, and talk dirty on the phone, hey that's cool, I like it also, but when you come at me for a meeting to taste my heavenly juice's. Then let's meet, please I do not like my sexy time wasted!

Can some one give me tip's.

I'm here to meet,open minded sexy adult's, to share in the joy that our body's where made for.
What's a sexy biwoman to do, I want to taste and be tasted. All this frustrateing flirtatious longing is exhausting my desire to make contact.

But hey that's life right

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