The Sweetest Kiss  

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7/4/2006 12:04 pm

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The Sweetest Kiss

The kiss that kept my honey juices flowing.

Her lip's were so full and pink, moist. The touch of her tounge along the back of my knee's.Was righteous! I warped my long brown legs around her neck,pulling her to the spot. My honey pot of juices. Begging this Wonderful Black Beauty to drink me. I became the delectable appetizing treat, to a person lost in a desert of desire.

Flawlessly I flaunt my honey pot. The red hot heat from her heavenly mouth cause me to graciously call out her name in an immediate warrior qrowl.

This Wonder before me, drink, licked, suck, tongue fuck my tight wet honey pot. Gripping my large ass tightly.Stop me from move away. I was locked to her lovely face, that felt as if it was hours.
As my sweet honey driped, and rolled back to my ass hold. My body went limped, and the sound of her drinking, the light from the candel's became an canopy of comfort,solace.

This Goddess placed the sweetest kiss on my lips.
The taste of my honey.

You may always drink from me when your in need of my honey.
You know who you are, smile! I am, still!!!

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