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Ok. First Blog, and new to the site, and the whole concept. So if I seem a little out of it or not up to speed on things, please bear with me.

OK. I am confused about women in general ( I know, what man isn't, right?! ). But, here is why.

I am right around 6 months out of a 5 year relationship that took me through hell and back. And it was in this marathon tour of hell that got me to thinking that a guy can't win in the end.

Now, before I get too far, let me give you all some background. In my younger years, I was the typical manwhore. Sorry fellahs, but the majority of us are exactly like that. And if you take offense to this, I have to be right. If not, you know different and are secure in yourself.

Anyway's, I treated women like pieces of meat. Meet, greet, mount, leave, etc. Maybe I would see elm again if they were good. I mean I was a real pig. I'm not ashamed to admit it, just of my actions.

Now, I worked allot of years to change my outlook on women, relationships, life in general. I did a real grand job, I think. And as a result, my last relationship went like this.

I would have lunch waiting for her when she arrived home for her daily lunch break to be with me. I would stop whatever I was doing, devote my time to her, and her alone. Ask how her day was going so far, help boost her up if it wasn't going too good. Basically, what I would like done for me if the tables were turned. I wanted her to know she wasn't alone, had someone there with genuine interest and caring.

In the evenings, when she arrived home from work, most times meals were waiting for her so she could just come home and relax. Sometimes I took her out just to mix it up so it wasn't the same old boring routine ever single day.

Then we would play around on the comp, watch television together while laying on the sofa. Or her laying her head on my lap watching a movie as a brushed her hair, or rubbed her head.

Most nights, I would rub her back, or just play with her hair wail she fell asleep. She loved that the most.

Our sex life consisted of me doing everything I could to make sure she was pleased. That was my main goal, and the only thing that mattered to me. The last year of our relationship, I bet I only came a dozen times. But making her cum 5,6,7 time during a session brought me more pleasure then an orgasm if that makes sense. I was her boy toy. I wanted to know exactly what she was in the mood for and that's what I did. Playful first, slow and gentle, hard and fast, allot of teasing, eating and playing only, etc. And it wasn't a submissive type of relationship. There was no demanding, or barking orders. She just let me know and I was more the happy to make it happen.

I mean, don't get me wrong, for me to have an orgasm is just plain awesome. But it was more of a bonus then anything else. I never felt robbed or cheated if I didn't have one. Does that make sense? My pleasure was more of watching her lay there afterwards, totally satisfied, holding me and spooning, kissing me softly, whispering soft " I Love You's" to me. That's what did it for me.

Now, I was this way with her even after her leaving me 3 times in 5 years. I'm not one to quit. But, I know now I should have gotten out earlier, but that's besides the point. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

Point is I enjoyed doing what I was doing. I never regretted being that way, nor felt I missed out on anything.

Now, after all that chatter, I have heard women say they "hate all the Ashley men", "where are all the real men", "where my knight in shining armor", etc.

I'm no knight in shining armor, but I thought I treated her like a queen. And a hell of a lot better then I used to treat women in the past. And still am here, joined to a Webster, in hopes of finding someone who appreciates someone who is actually trying to be a man women are always claiming they want to be with.

OK. I had to answer the phone and totally lost my train of thought. I hate that with a passion.

Any comments, rants, insults, etc are more then welcome. Nothing I said was meant to be taken personal. All was generalized statements, and again, if you feel offended, ask yourself why?

Ding, Ding....Round 1

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