72 Virgins  

ReranBroodArret 36M
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6/10/2006 1:33 pm

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72 Virgins

For the record, it was Bill Hicks that first made fun of terrorist organizations that believe they get 72 virgins in heaven if they blow themselves up. Back in the '80s he said he'd much rather have one dirty girl from Vegas that knows how to give blow job. Props to Bill Hicks. Lately I've seen so many comedians stealing this joke I'm no longer sure I know one that doesn't do it.

Me, I'd take the 72 virgins. I know the government is reading this and I'm fine with that, but I should mention that I have no sympathy for or with terrorist organizations. But I must admit that given the choice the 72 over the one just makes more sense to me. 72 is a lot of freakin' virgins. Out of those, you figure at least a couple are gonna be naturals. And you got diversity, they'll all have different skills. One may give a great bj, while another has a really sweet tasting pussy. One might be very orgasmic, and hopefully at least a few of them are bisexual or love anal. And you have eternity to teach them. One dirty girl from Vegas is a hillarious joke, but a horrible religious belief.

Ladies, I don't want you to take this in a misogynistic way though. Of course your heaven has it's own choice, though let's face it: 72 virgin dudes probably doesn't have the same allure. Yes, eternity to teach them again, but even then they'll probably never learn. Perhaps a mix, 36 experienced guys and 36 virgin girls. That wouldn't be such a bad heaven.

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