Day 4....  

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1/8/2006 5:13 pm

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Day 4....

Day 4 and I'm horney as hell!!! I think the husband gets a little something tonight(hopefully).

I had a dream last night about a 3some.
I had found a lover and she is beautiful. Strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and breasts like perfect clouds from heaven. We were in my bed having a little fun when the hubby came home unexpectedly. We never heard the door to the bedroom open. I looked up and there he was. standing there watching us. My lady friend still hadn't seen him so I let him watch for a while.

She was softly licking my pussy making me start to squirm. When I noticed he had unzipped his pants and had his very hard cock in his hands. He was stroking it back and forth. I could see he wanted to come join us so I waved him over.
He bent down, reached under my friend and began to stroke her already wey pussy. She was startled at first but then began to move to his strokes. She opened a little wider for him.

He inserted a finger into her hot tight hole.
I'm still in heaven with the tongue action I am recieving. She then inserts my favorite viberator and begins to fuck me. my husbands hand is getting very wet from her drippings.
He bends down and begins to lick her little rosebud. She tells him to fuck her now...
He is more then happy to give her what she wants.

He makes sure she is moist enough then enters her ass. He moans out loud at the tightness and the wonderful feeling. She is surprised by the hole he has chosen but begins to move back and forth with his rythem. I am being fucked by my favorite toy while having my clit licked by my lady who is being fucked in the ass by my husband, I am more then ready to cum and so is he. He wants to help her even further along so he reaches around and begins to rub her clit.

Like a well oiled machine we are all bucking and moaning until it happens...

I explode in shiver after shiver...he unleashes his full load into her and she is shaking from a full throttle orgasam....

As we lay intwined in each other I reach over and give my husband a kiss and say "welcome home honey"

I wish it wasn't a dream. Now I need to go play with myself and hope for more later tonight.

This is what I dream about at night, hope you enjoyed sleeping with me

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