Relationships - An Understanding............  

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8/27/2006 1:49 pm
Relationships - An Understanding............


To begin with, this effort has taken me through several years of my own personal evaluation as well as searching and wondering if it would happen for me. At the point of this writing it has not, however I have no fear as I am content to know who I am, happy to be who I am, and at peace to be who I am alone or with one person as life continues.

I want to also say that I don't claim to be a know it all, nor to have attained. I do know where I have been as well as where I am. My path may not necessarily be your path, but I do believe that what is written in these pages can hold a significant importance, and even a "thought changer" ranging from an increase in knowledge and awareness for some, to a new extra-dimensional /supernatural paradigm change for others. There really is no limit to what is available for you.

Simply learn to believe in yourself and the good that is in you, as well as liking yourself and who you are. Then you can begin to see and explore the limitless possibilities that are out there for you.

Chapter 1 - Introduction: A New Horizon

As I write this I think of where I have been in my life, where I come from and where I currently exist. I speak not of a physical or otherwise natural existence, but of the spiritual place that I am in. I spent the first 44 years pursuing what I had grown up knowing and all that I knew at the time. Being undisciplined but yet knowing that there was a place "in the spirit" for me, I continued to pursue that inner call that I felt, and continued to feel for many, many years.

There seemed to be a non-earthly calling and intuition that was always present, however I failed to perceive it as different, as I always thought everyone saw things in the same was as I did. What I realized later in life, rather than sooner, was that my perspective was not unique to me, but there were few within my circle of influence and friends that saw it.

Does seeing things differently mean that we are wrong or even better? I say no, as I believe that we are all unique but some are simply different than what many would see as the norm. That doesn't make anyone "better", however I think that there are a lot more "free thinkers", "out of the box" thinkers, or some might even call "free spirits", out there than we realize.

Learn to see life as limitless possibilities waiting to be discovered, as we are individually ready, and willing.

There are many beliefs, points of view, religions, rules, laws, commandments and structures. What is it that any of us want in the end? I would say that when an objective viewpoint is taken, it really all lies within knowing who we are individually. Do you know yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you really know who you are?

I have met many who already know themselves and are living that fulfilled and open life. Many others refuse to admit that it exists and somewhere in the middle, are those who believe that yes eternity does exist, it is different though, from their own perspective, and that makes it wrong. I lived, thinking that I was pursuing a dream, however I was trying to be someone that others wanted me to be, most of the time.

Where did we come from, that would cause us to even imagine that we could have an absolute knowledge or understanding, rather than to be open minded enough to at least know what other religions and ways of thinking are about. Not to know how others think and belief, and then to condemn them is that same thinking that any extremist terrorist has. One parable that comes to mind is simply this, "judge not, lest you be judged", however it does seem that those who would believe this the strongest, often times, "do it" the most!

The following segments will in no means be exhaustive, but will be a few simple reminders and areas that may help some of you as it has helped me to be aware of arekept simple to help introduce to some, and shed light, for others on possibilities to be considered. It is our understanding, that as you do consider this, your own enlightenment, awareness, peace and overall happiness will be easier for you to see and realize.

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