Sex advice???  

rm_Leonnie4_69 31F
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8/15/2006 2:48 am
Sex advice???

I was reading in the Magazine about our AdultFriendFinder Sexperts...and I started thinking...What they have on the tapes...might not be exactly what you're looking to know or Y pay for it...Im fairely sure that AdultFriendFinder will kick my ass for this one...but meh...Its worth a shot..

I've seen, Heard, and probably done somethings that you or your partner are looking to do and wanna know more about...any ANY questions that you have, about anything sexual no matter what it is, Ill do the best I can to answer it...I have quite a few people who prefer to remain nameless to help me with this venture.
So anything that you may want to know, from Various ways to foreplay, how to tell your partner about something that you would like to try, to ways to get your partner off...We are here for your disposal...Have fun...if you are too embarrassed to ask anything on the blog for fear of your partner or your friends seeing it, feel free to message me, I will do my best to respond as fast as I can...

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