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4/6/2006 6:42 pm

Work 2 nights ago was slightly better than the night detailed in my previous post. We were busy all night, but I refused to rush. I set a steady pace and maintained it the whole night.

The other thing has been that I've only been getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep, and haven't fallen asleep before 11am at all this week, which is 5 hours from the time I get out of work. Today I got about 8 hours, so that's good.

I'm returning to my hometown tomorrow. From there I'm taking my dad down to see my sister, as he built a table for one of the in-laws and they're going to pick it up there. I'll also get to see my niece (4) and nephew (1 month old today). The only thing is that I was looking forward to not having to drive so much this weekend, then this came up. My dad's vision isn't the greatest, so it's better than him driving there himself.

On Saturday I'm going to my cousin's bachelor party. Only for a couple hours in the afternoon. He and I aren't very close, but he's shown up to one of my functions in the recent past, and I can hit it up on my way home, so why not?

I did get scheduled for 1st shift for the next rotation, but I switched to avoid mornings. Unfortunately, I switched onto the super-anal-retentive operator's crew, but he's the lesser evil in this case. Hehehe.

I got my first batch of CDs from BMG yesterday. Bad Co., BOC, Corrosion of Conformity, Boston, Fear Factory and Damageplan.

Work approacheth, so I must away. Fare thee well.

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