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Fiction and Nonfiction progress blog.

Tas Writer’s Centre egroup...for writers desperate for comment and encouragement outside Hobart, the truly invisible Invisible College...

Halve and Hope: Adventures in 1:144 Miniature Scratchbuilding. How to create plans, design and build when there will never be a kit of your bird, in this scale, or any scale...materials, advice, connections and links to modelling sites and books, specialists and hints. Images, diagrammes and other essentials on prototypes.

An Institution for All Time: the Centenary History of Launceston's Carr Villa Cemetery, 1905-2005.

Twice Bitten: my "quintessential Aussie Vampire" novel. All (or some of the things no-one ever did in vampire fiction before, in a setting we all recognise.

Wild Grey Yonder: post-Cold War aviation thriller: potential apocalypse: crews and aircraft: facing us facing them, from the other side, a la this blog icon.

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