This wjjks typos: MAcs and Safari  

rm_Launsingle 46M
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7/27/2005 7:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

This wjjks typos: MAcs and Safari

Macs have kboards arranged differently, so the backspace etc aren’t the same key ‒ near it, but wrong.
If you only hunt and peck it’s a pain as you hit the wrong key. If you touchtype, as some of us nearly can, it’s even worse as you don’t even notice its the wrong one.
I’m already habituated to IBM-101s so Macs are bad and those little iMac, iMation ones are worse because things are rearranged. I’m composing this in word, in defiance of the spirit of a blog, because it’s just easier.
Worse, my first comp was an Amiga-500 [no sniggering, it was 1991], and I had that converted to Dvorak, which was 10 times faster even with 2 fingers. So long as the keys didn’t pop off and fill the screen with xxxxxx as I searched beneath the desk for the errant plastic.

Safari, the new, Mac-supported browser, has other irritating features now MS doesn’t support Macs or vice versa. Ever time I go ctrl-home to get to the top of a doc it closes Safari, as that’s what that command does. I get so used to stuff after a while. LOAC Macs may be faster, but I have to keep remembering where I am and what the various machines do. And naturally in a hurry you always choose the wrong command on the right machine.
This Laptop at a third location [not 386 at home or Mac or Pent-5 PCs at LOAC] is the only one safe for AdultFriendFinder, so this stuff gets done here, along with chat. Or, rather, I get done here. I don’t know how authors cope on their verandahs with keyboards this unresponsive or unergonomic. It’s like playing a piano keyboard made of wooden washing line peg halves. And about as musical.
1204[0204GMT] Th28 7 05

PS has anyone noticed how the local Aust std times at AdultFriendFinder are an hour fast? As if we had “Australian Daylight [?] Time” here anyway…

free mars bar to the first 37 people who can identify my blog icon...

DukeAbbaddon 41M
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8/15/2005 2:06 pm

f16 ? .... SU27 ? or yourself*

F16 ! grin

ps do you like the pird of pray song i think its the spirit of flying chumm

rm_Launsingle 46M

8/16/2005 5:45 pm

Hey Abbaddon, angel of the Abyss! Su27 is close: one of its ancestors: the Su15. Pic #1 is a sister of the Su15 [Yellow 19]which shot down Korean airliner KE07 in August 1983.
Pic #2 is another Su15 being scrapped at Novosibersk in W.Siberia in 1996.
So you were warm but not warm enough. How are things in where you are France?
Are those your belly muscles? It's hard to see from here.
Au revoir mon Ami.

Ian 1045[0045GMT]W 17 8 05

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